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Message no. 1
From: "John A. Schmidt" <skman@********.COM>
Subject: The Shadowrun Archive
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 18:20:00 -0600
I was curious...can anyone throw me a bone on the status and location of
Paolo's Shadowrun Archive?
On the topic of Shadowrun web pages...I am -very- impressed with quality
and content keep up the good work.

I came across a very useful item the other day that I think SR players
would enjoy.
RO BLADE Flexible Cutting Charge [Greenhill Military Manuals: Arms and
Equipment Of Special Forces '1996'].
'Blade is a linear shaped charge made from DEMEX 200, an RDX based plastic
explosive which detonates at 7850 metres per second. It has a copper liner
to produce the metal core to the shaped charge jet. The outside of the
charge is covered by a sheath of close-cell foam and, on the face to that
is to be attached to the target, there is a self-adhesive strip what can be
cut to length with a knife.'
'Blade can be deployed to cut down such targets as power and telephone
poles, conduits and pipes.'
'There are five wieghts of explosive: Blade 100 with 100 grams of DEMEX per
metre, which will cut 6mm of steel; Blade 240 which will cut 10mm of steel;
Blade 450 which will cut 15mm of steel and Blade 1150 which will cut 25mm
of steel. The performance of the fifth flexible charge 'Big Blade' is
It looks like door weather stripping and has an adhesive back.
Here is what I came up with for SR...let me know what you think.

Blade 2000
It is a linear shaped charge composed of DEMEX 2000EL-4, a RDX based
plastic explosive which detonates at 9,550 meters per second. This item
comes in a roll, resembling foam molding used around doorways, and has an
adhesive back. Blade 2000 is a cutting charge, capable of cutting 35mm of
steel plate in whatever shape it is laid out in. As it is a plastic based
explosive it is very insensitive to rough handling and waterproof.
Detonation is achieved with a detonator, placed in contact with the
explosive and then remotely activated. Since it is a shaped charge a
minimal amount of distance is required to safely detonate the material
(normally 5 meters). It is normally sold in 50 meter rolls for 5,000 nuyen
(or 10 meters for 100 nuyen).

Conceal: 4 Rating: 3/12 Weight: 1 Availability: 14/48 hrs. Cost:
5,000 Street Index: 2
*The first number of the Rating is the blow back, the concussion damage
that people around the explosion take. The second number is the damage
done to the barrier, as per SR rules page 97. Blade will cut through most
materials, it does have a substantial limitation when it comes to concrete.
Any time that it is used against concrete, bricks, etc?reduce the damage
rating by half and double the blow back rating (i.e. 6/6).

>>>>>[This drek saved my life! Bad guys make an early morning call?they are
covering all exits. I have just enough time to grab my travel kit, and blow
a hole in the floor of my bathroom (with my Blade 2000). Sure?it ultra
burned my neighbors in the doss below me to wake up with a two foot hole in
the living room ceiling but I'm here today because of this wiz stuff. Buy
it?steal it?do what ever it takes to get it!]<<<<<
-NiTrO <01:39:21/06-22-58>
Message no. 2
From: Adam J <adamj@*********.HTML.COM>
Subject: Re: The Shadowrun Archive
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 20:09:40 -0600
At 18:20 9/22/98 -0600, John A. Schmidt wrote
>I was curious...can anyone throw me a bone on the status and location of
>Paolo's Shadowrun Archive?

We hope to have all the sites that are moving to the new server online with
a couple more weeks, but it may be more. Real world work sucks.. :/

-Adam J
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