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Message no. 1
From: Stephen Wilcoxon <wilcoxon@***.UDEL.EDU>
Subject: TOME Submission: Matador Files
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 02:48:31 EDT
Submission: Matador Files
By: Steve Wilcoxon

[I left out my new rules for chem weapons and dodging/armor effects (ie.
narcojet, squirt, and Spetsdods) since they have exactly 0 hours of
playtesting done on them.]

[Based on the Matador series by Steve Perry.]

Musashi Flex:
A loose collection of fighters who constantly test themselves against
one another. It is usually done one on one. The opponents decide on armed
or unarmed (unarmed being more common), but sometimes resort to using
hidden weapons in the event that they start to lose (the honor is in
surviving). The fights can be to any extent - to the death, "blood and
bones" (first blood or broken bone), submission, or some other basis for
The Musashi Flex is illegal in most areas as it tends to leave dead
bodies around after encounters between "players".

The Maze:
One of the few legally sanctioned events for the Musashi Flex, it is
held periodically [however often the GM feels like making it] in a large
section of abandoned buildings in [insert city].
There are 100 entrants and each must pay the 10,000Y entrance fee. The
winner gets 500,000Y [it was 100% in the books]. The rules are as follows:
1) no weapons (if a weapon is used, the participant is instantly
disqualified - losing their entrance fee), 2) there can be only one winner
(alliances are allowed, but must be "broken" to determine a winner), and 3)
there is a one week time limit (if more than one entrant is left at that
point, there is no winner). The rules, such as they are, are strictly
A combatant is considered "out" when incapacitated (unconcious, severely
wounded, or dead). There is excellent medical staff standing by so it is
uncommon for someone to die.
One of the most dangerous parts of the Maze is getting food. There are
only 10 feeding stations which make prime sites for ambushes.

With the advent of improved technology and magic to help in determining
the truth of statements, it became harder and harder to lie. Fugue is the
skill of giving half-truths and undetectable mis-directions.
Fugue is a social skill. The number of dice used in a fugue test can
not be higher than the language skill being used. If the questioner has 2
or more levels in excess of the questionee, then fugue will do no good (the
questioner knows what questions to ask to force a full answer, but he must
still have a way of verifying the truth). Otherwise, an opposed success
test is made between the two with a target number of the intelligence of
the other.
Fugue is useful against any form of mechanical lie detection short of a
full brain scan (ie. thoughts, memories, etc) [if this even exists in your
game] and "simple" spells (like Detect Lie), but not more thorough spells
(like Mind Probe).

Bacterial Augmentation:
This is a military treatment which involves injecting a short lived
culture (6 months) into the patient's blood stream. The colony is
self-replicating and will cause an extreme itching sensation until it is
fully in place (2-3 days). The culture has the effect of greatly
increasing reaction time.
Effects: +2 Reaction, +1D6 Initiative
Body Cost: .25 [one-time cost (ie. when re-injected in 6 months no further
loss of Body occurs)]
Legality: 1-M4 [this is highly restricted - anyone caught using or in
posession of this will be fined and jailed (treat as upper
part of M3 for sentencing)]
Availability: 24/30 days
Cost: variable [price is whatever the fixer/doc/whatever wants to charge]

This is a drug that boosts reflexes and hightens perceptions for short
amounts of time (1D6 x 10 minutes). This drug has two side effects: 1) it
is addictive [Willpower test with target number of 4 + # of doses in last
week to avoid addiction], and 2) it causes the user to "crash" after the
effects wear off (8S Stun).
Effects: +1D6 Initiative
Legality: 3-M1
Availability: 6/5d
Cost: 200Y

Parker Carbine:
This is a .177 caliber assault rifle firing caseless high-explosive
rounds mainly used by military units in war zones.
Conceal: 3
Ammo: 500(c) [HE only]
Mode: FA
Damage: 6M (not adjusted for HE mods)
Weight: 3.6kg empty, 5.1kg loaded
Availability: 12/7d
Legality: 1-G
Cost: 2,500Y
extras: gas-vent 2, recoil penalties are halved due to small round

These are small dart weapons worn on the backs of the hand. Firing is
much more intuitive than most weapons since it is activated by a dermal
sensor keyed to a fingernail (designed for the index finger), so it is very
much a "point and shoot" weapon.
Due to the weapon design, none of the standard weapon accessories will
work with the Spetsdod - a smartgun link could still be installed for
use with the Spetsdod, but could not be used for any other weapon and will
only give a -1 to the target number. The Spetsdod is a special skill
(treated as a specialization for skill costs (ie. +2 to skill if bought
during character creation and only 1karma* for further advancement)) [on
the skill web, put Spetsdod as a branch off the same area as FIrearms,
Unarmed, etc with 2 dots between it and the main "trunk"]. The Spetsdod is
designed to be worn on both hands and fired simultaneously - to reflect
this, the penalty for firing two Spetsdods is given a -1 per 2 levels of
skill (ie. +1T# at 2, and +0TN at 4). Also, Spetsdods suffer from half the
normal recoil penalty.
Conceal: 8
Ammo: 15(c) [5 if AP ammo is used]
Mode: SA/FA
Damage: as ammo type
Availability: 8/4d
Legality: 4P-E
Cost: 800Y
Range: 0-6m, 7-15m, 16-30m, 31-50m
[close and extreme ranges were from the book, the middle ones were
just guesstimates on my part.]

Spetsdod Ammo:
Stinger: A practice round that causes no real damage.
Damage: 2L Stun [6M for dodging purposes]
Legality: legal
Normal: A normal round will not penetrate armor very well. If an opponent
has 4+ Impact armor, then a called shot must be made. If the
opponent is in Full Heavy or Medium/Heavy Security Armor then a
special +6T# called shot must be made - if the person also has a
helmet with everything sealed [I consider these armors as
environmentally sealable] then the shot automatically "misses".
Damage: as chem
Legality: as chem
AP: AP ammo has added propellent in the round to achieve higher
velocities to penetrate armor more efficiently. Treat this as
normal AP ammo (ie. versus 1/2 Ballistic Armor).
Damage: as chem
Legality: as chem [-2 to "level"]
HE: A powerful explosive round. Treat as normal explosive ammo.
Damage: 6M [not adjusted for explosive damage]
Legality: 5-I [as weapon officially I think]

Spetsdod Chem types:
ShockTox: A non-lethal chem that causes unconciousness for about 15 minutes.
Damage: 6D Stun
Legality: as weapon
Shocktox+: A chem designed to take down larger animals for about 1 hour.
Damage: 8D Stun
Legality: as weapon
Asp: A deadly poison.
Damage: 5D
Legality: legal [??? either I mis-copied a legal code or cyanide is legal]
Spasm: A viral muscular inhibitor. If any "damage" gets through, the
victims volutary muscles all lock for approximately 6 months (6
months - (1D6 * 5 - 15) days). There is no antidote and this
condition will require expensive physical/psychological treatment
for the victim to survive and remain sane (say 200,000Y+).
Damage: 10D [not easy to resist]
Legality: NOT [if caught, you will probably be shot on the spot]


The Crystal Wind is the Storm, and the Storm is Data, and the Data is Life.
-- The Player's Litany

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