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Message no. 1
From: Peter Coxon <coxoff@***.COM>
Subject: under water bits....
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 03:36:24 UT
RE: RE: Underwater bits.
Tim Coxon
Alrighty... I have done i bit of research, (Comic called "flesh" From 2000AD
(british comic)) Most of the stuff in the comic happens in the upper
creaceous age, (dinosaurs and stuff) the basic story is that 23rd century
mankind has exhausted all food supplies so a corp. called Trans-time has sent
people back 80million years to fish for large "goldfish" (sarcasism). Any way
they build large Factory rigs, crewed by convited criinals (I wonder where the
cops of 2057 will find them?) Basically what these guys do is go round the
ocean in souped up hovercrafts and heavy air support, p[laying shot the
fishies! This may not have much relevence to the book but I like the idea of
factory rigs, 5 ton white torpedo sharks, and Vtol Hunter killers. The actual
story that is in the comic can quite hapily be converted to a SR2 adventure,
basically the runner get sent to the rig for some obscure reason and then
ecological terroist hi jack it (toxic shamen of some sort?) then the
characters some how contact or get contact by the rigs owner and are offered a
repeal or something if they can stop the terroist, (sounds like exselcior outa
SOTU), any way they get to do deep sea stuff (think of the critters!) under
seige type adventure.... Juts a thought...well a couple of thoughts. ( i hope
that that was more organized than the last one....)....:).....Al righty
then... just decided I am going to write this adventure any way, and I will
post it, once finished, if you want to. (first nerps adventure???)

Tim Coxon.....The hopefully no quite so much babbling one......
PS. Are you classed as a super surfer? I heard that you have to be male, under
30, upper middle class, have access to PC's at work/college and home and spend
time of the net every day.

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