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Message no. 1
From: Jason Batchelor <jbatchel@*****.CS.DU.EDU>
Subject: Wyld Magick 2 (LONG)
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 18:41:49 -0600
When 'Weaving' a wyld magickal effect, these are the steps you will go by:
1) Describe the effect desired, including whether you want it to affect
more than one target, or deliver Stun damage instead of Physical. (All
damage is by default Physical, unless stated otherwise by the caster.)
2) The GM will come up with a target number, according to the effect
desired and how vulgar the effect is.
3) Magickal Effect Test: (highest Sphere rating+Sorcery)/2 vs. target#
4) Defense is made. If more than one Sphere was used for the casting, the
target can make a resistance roll based on his highest attribute. Every
two successes negates one success from the attacker. Magick Pool can be
used, as can Shielding Dice.
4) Depending on how well the effect is described and the number of
successes not negated by the defender, the GM makes a call as to the final
effect. (This may sound a little odd, but the idea is to make the
_roleplay_ of the casting take on a more significant part of the game.
GM's should, of course, use their discretion.)
5) Drain is rolled. See chart below. Use the highest drain code for
multiSphere Weavings. (Note: <n>=Number of dice rolled in the Magickal
Effect Test.)

Sphere Target# Drain Code Damage Code
Mind |Will(R) |[<n>/2]M M
Life |Natural Body(R) |[<n>+1]M M
Matter |Ob.Resist.Table (ORT) |[<n>+2]M M
Forces |See Forces Range Table |[<n>+2]S S
Entropy |Body(R) (or ORT if inanimate) |[<n>/2]S S
Spirit* |as per Conjuration
Time |Special |[<n>+1]D L(StunOnly)
Correspondence |Special |[<n>+2]D L-D(Varies)

* Success tests for Spirit Sphere are (Spirit+Conj.)/2 vs target #.

Non-combat effects: Difficulty is a base 4, unless it directly affects a
specific person (or group) or object. Add +1 per extra effect desired.
Add -1 per additional Sphere used (up to -3). Add -1 to -3 for Vulgarity,
according to the description of the effect.

Vulgarity is the chance that the effect will be noticed by onlookers. Any
Wyld Mage will automatically sense a Weaving.
For -1 to the target#, roll Perc.(10) for mundanes.
For -2 to the target#, roll Perc.(6) for mundanes.
For -3 to the target#, roll Perc.(4) for mundanes.
Give magickally active creatures and characters -2 on the
above Perception test, until the -3, when it will be obvious to any
magickially active critter or character.

Forces Range Table:
PB(2) Short(4) Medium(6) Long(9) Extreme(12)
0-2 3-10 11-75 76-100 101-on
+4 +2 -2 -4 Power drops to 2
According to Range, the +#'s are the amounts that the Power of the attack
will change. Power of a Forces attack is equal to the number of dice
rolled for the Magickal Effect Test, plus range modifiers. Forces
attacks start with a damage code of Serious. This assumes that the Forces
are being directed like a Manipulation Spell, and that power is bound to drop
off at longer ranges, while it will be stronger at close range. Thus, a
Point Blank Electrical attack, rolling 4 dice for the Effect Test, will be
a 6Serious attack, before counting successes.

Time Effects Table:
By increment: +1 to +10 add to Initiative= Target 4 + (1-10)
-2 to -10 add to Initiative= Target 4 + (1-5: for every +1,
subtract 2 from target's Initiative)
Freeze Frame: for a scene = 6 for self, Will (R) for target
for an hour = 6 for self, Will(R) for target. +1/ev3hrs.
for a day = 5 for self, Will(R) for targ. +1 per day
for a week = 5 for self, Will(R) for targ. +1 per 2wks.
for a year = 4 for self, Will(R) for targ. +1 per year.

***NOTE: These numbers are untested. I am still unsure as to how well
they would work in practice as I haven't had time to try them out.
Please, if anyone cares to, try them out and let me know via private
email. Thanks in advance.***

Correspondence Effects Table:
Shift Awareness:(equivalent of Clairvoyance/audience) 4
+1 per 10 km.
+2 if done with visual cue only
+4 if totally unfamiliar with target site.
(modifiers cumulative as always)
Shift Spatial Distance: 4 +2 for every Range Level decreased or increased.
(Ex. The Sniper wants to fire his shot as if he were only Short Distance
instead of Extreme. His target number to Shift the Spatial Distance
between himself as his target would be 10.)
Note that Shifting Spatial Distance can also be used to deliver blows as
if in Melee range, as well. Count Melee range as being an additional
level to shift. (i.e. Melee-Short-Medium-Long-Extreme)
Shift Location: Must Shift Awareness first. Once accomplished, your
target is 6, +1 for each additional "passenger". (Target 4 for self
_only_; no gear, no clothes, etc.)
Create Temporary Portal (Lasts 5 mins.): Shift Awareness, then your
target is 6.
Create Perm. Portal : Shift Awareness, then target is 12. -1 per point of
Good Karma spent.
Close Portal : 6 (+ the amount of Good Karma spent to Create it.)
Any Portal will be an opening 2m tall by 1.5m wide. +1 to target numbers
per sq. meter extra. To make it a one-way portal, halve the target number.

Correspondence can also be used to deliver damage. The code is [<n>/2]M,
or higher, depending on how you describe your damaging effect. (Ex.
teleporting a slot's head off of his neck is more likely to be <n>D
damage. Use your better judgement, GM's.)

This is what I've come up with so far. Please feel free to tell me what
you think, or if you have suggestions as to how it could be done easier,
let me know that, too. Thanks for taking a look.



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