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From: What ? <MCM@***.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: Adapt your Adept !
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1993 19:12:00 BST

Righty ho, here's some more ideas for those lovely Adepts out there.

Heat/Cold Endurance (.25/per die)

When the adept is face with a temp. challenge he overcomes his physical
feeling/reactions by mental fortitude.

The character rolls versus a Target Number (TN) of what the ref feels
appropreite. A good guide to the numbers is the success table in SR book ie.
2 being slight nippy, whereas 12+ is your sitting in an ice block etc.
2 being a hot day, 12+ they are cooking you in an oven.
Each success give the adept 5 minutes of activity or 15 mins of sitting around.
being totally Inactive.

Deep Breathing (.25)

The Adept has practiced breathing exercises and can use his lungs to a greater
extent. Each .25 of a magic point spent gives him an extra 30 seconds of
holding his breath

Jump (.25)

The adept uses his entire body to propel himself forward/upward.
For every .25 he spent in jumping he gets and extra upward lift of 25cm and
an extra 50cm forward.

Two good reasons why the Olympic's Games became such a farce.

Shattering Blow (.5/per die)

The adept summons all of his focus in to the dramatic move which can destroy
the hardest stone!

The adept makes and Resisted test with number of dice in SB vs the Barrier
Rating of the object of his attack, and the object rolls its BR vs a Tn of 4

One or more successes brakes the object (5+ successes would be incredible
impressive and flash)
0 successes - nothing happens - bit of a sore limb.
Roll of Ones - Oh dear. The limb is broken. Do not pass GO, go directly to a doc

Ps It doesn't have to be a blow, it can be a crushing movement and you can use
your head to do the blow !

Pss If used against living things. First a combat attack and treat as Aimed
Blow. Defender dodging uses combat pool only THEN Resisted test
Shattering Blow vs Body and Body vs 4
(Strenght doesn't have much to do with this.) If the attack suceeds
then area broken. The recipient of the blow has +2 to all TN's and -1 reaction
and can't move the limb, 'cos it hurts.

It IS NOT possible to kill with a head/neck shot but -2 reaction and +3 to all
Tn's if landed there due to problems caused.

Nerve Strike

After careful study of the Human Anatomy, (or lots of beating up people) the
adept has perceived certain nerve clusters in the body. He has toughen his
fingers to penitrait these zones.

Three level of pain can be inflicked :
Light +1 Moderate +2 Serious +3
The "damage" is put on the Mental Track and is remove as normal.

Light (.5) Moderate (1) Serious (1.5)

Used :
Unarmed attack-same as kiling hands although it doesn't cause physical damage
and will only do the damage level it is bought at.

Alertness (.5/per die)

The adept has trained all his senses to noticed the unnoticed, see the unseeable
and smell the unsmellable

The adept no longer relies on just one set of his sense and thus become more
aware of his surroundings.

The adept adds the Alertness dice to his perception Rolls.


Well more if I can find them.

You could give them Martial Arts names like "White Crane's Flowing Beak" for
Nerve Strike or just "Head Butt, chummer" for shattering blow.

Comments, suggestions and grenades in the post greatfully excepted.



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