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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: INDEX
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1993 16:50:48 -0500
Hmm, lots and lots of stuff added to the index today.

Remember, this INDEX just represents stuff that has been received and is
promised. This is not a list of what will be in the Tome nor it is etched
in stone. This is basically just a list of what we've got.

If there is anything incorrect or missing, please let me know.

Table: Modifiers for new races
* Race: Minotaur (???)
* Race: Ogre (???)
* Race: Gnome (???)

Spell: Buzz (Rob Rubin)
Alt. System: Blood Magic (RAPHAEL LUTA)
Alt. Rules: Mages and Bioware (Robert Hayden)
* Spell: Waking the Dead (T. Montgomery)
Alt. Rules: DeadZones v. 2.0 (J Roberson)
* Spell: Bunches of spells (various) (Jason Carter)
* Alt. Rules: Gradual Initiation (Jason Carter)
* Spell: Teleportation (J. Keister)
* Totem: Dove (J. Keister)
Skills: New Physical Adept Skills (MARK MOHAN)

* Program: STRIP (Robert Hayden)
* Program Type: Integrated Programming (Robert Hayden)
* Program Type: Alternate Languages (T. Montgomery)
* Alt. Rules: Quick Resolution System v. 2.0 (Robert Hayden)
* Alt. Rules: Matrix Combat v. 2.0 (Jason Carter)
* Alt. Rules: Decompiling (Robert Hayden)

* Alt. Rules: Name Brand Cyberwear (???)
* Equipment: Taser Attachments (M. Crowley)

Alt. Rules: ShadowFurry (Rob Rubin)
* Alt. Rules: BioSculpting (Rob Rubin)

Alt. Rules: Multitasking (reprint from NAGEE) (Hayden/Vinnie)
Alt. Rules: Expert Systems (Robert Hayden)
* Weapon: Spetdsods (J. Keister)

* Archtype: Corporate Guinea Pig (M. Crowley)
* Archtype: Gnome Technician (Robert Hayden)
* Archtype: Minotaur Cop (Robert Hayden)


* Still needs to be completed


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