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From: Robert Watkins <bob@********.NTU.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Adapt your Adept !
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1993 10:49:16 +0930
[ Stuff deleted ]
>Shattering Blow (.5/per die)
>The adept summons all of his focus in to the dramatic move which can destroy
>the hardest stone!

Okay, I'll take your word for it.
>The adept makes and Resisted test with number of dice in SB vs the Barrier
>Rating of the object of his attack, and the object rolls its BR vs a Tn of 4
>One or more successes brakes the object (5+ successes would be incredible
>impressive and flash)
>0 successes - nothing happens - bit of a sore limb.
Roll of Ones - Oh dear. The limb is broken. Do not pass GO, go directly to a doc
>Ps It doesn't have to be a blow, it can be a crushing movement and you can use
>your head to do the blow !
>Pss If used against living things. First a combat attack and treat as Aimed
>Blow. Defender dodging uses combat pool only THEN Resisted test
>Shattering Blow vs Body and Body vs 4
>(Strenght doesn't have much to do with this.) If the attack suceeds
>then area broken. The recipient of the blow has +2 to all TN's and -1 reaction
>and can't move the limb, 'cos it hurts.
Makes sense... But I'd make it more severe. i.e. gun arm broken. Oops. Can't
shoot, and no, you can't bring that katana round, either.

>It IS NOT possible to kill with a head/neck shot but -2 reaction and +3 to all
>Tn's if landed there due to problems caused.

Hmm... Sounds like a game balancing counterweight here. Seriously. He can break
the hardest stone. He can break limbs. But he can't snap a puny little neck??

Also you haven't mentioned a damage rating. i.e. (STR)S or what?? Then a head
shot would be a called shot, as per RBB. And of course, possible kill.

This power looks a little redundant. Seems like Killing Hands, Deadly could do
the same tricks. The rest of the submission looks really good, though.
[stuff deleted]
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Robert Watkins
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