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From: Hobbes Patrol Headquarters <TYGER@****.WINONA.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: TOME : Spell Submission
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1993 10:21:48 -0500
I apologize to Mr. Hayden for losing the original. But, after some thought,
I readjusted the spell a bit. (This means that Rob, you can delete the
old version...)


>>>>>[Heyo once again chummers! None other than your fuzzy ear-to-the-
pavement to tell you about something YOU need to know about. Trust me. As
usual, it's open for your comments, remarks, and crack-shots. Sorry about
the cut & dry tone of it, but I pirated this off of API. (Dry & monotone
defined.) The text was verbatim, I spliced in the sound bites where
applicable. Share & Enjoy!]<<<<<
-Tyger <Any Time / Any When>

Tuesday night there was a shooting incident near Dante's Inferno involving
two rival gangs. Police are still sketchy on the incident. Eyewitness
accounts claim that some of the combatants had taken several shots without
any signs of injury.

(Voice, male.) "Dis guy, no foolin', he took ten, twenty shots to da chest.
Dinnt even flinch! An' he wasn't wearin no jacket, Check it chummer?"

The police have determined that at least one of the gang members was under
the influence of a spell, if not more. A Lone Star official press release
states that they have no comment.

>>>>>[No kidding! I just wanna see the body-bag sheets on this one! Lead
all over the place, and one of the walking corpses took a burst without
wincing! He was actually smiling!]<<<<<
-Jander <16:34:44 / 07-23-54>

>>>>>[Seriously? We can get that for you...]<<<<<
-Da Goon Skwad <18:23:14 / 07-23-54>

>>>>>[Errr, no thanks.]<<<<<
-Jander <18:30:35 / 07-23-54>

>>>5 Mp Deleted by Sysop

>>>>>[Sorry. Tyger kinda garbled the last part. Something about the wire
tap being 'violated', and a 'system corruption' It was deleted to save the
collective tails of the (very, very) guilty.]<<<<<
-Shadowland <13:23:42 / 07-23-54>

>>>>>[We all have our off days... Seriously. Any word from 'yall about
what the frag those guys were on?]<<<<<
-Tyger <Any Time / Any When>

>>>>>[The Almighty Tyger hasn't heard yet? I'm simply amazed. New trip
called "Buzz". First trip on us. Come on down to the 'barrens, if you
want a try.]<<<<<

>>>>>[I'll take a no-go. But thanks for the offer.]<<<<<
-Tyger <Any Time / Any When>

(The rules section, Otherwise known as the meat. AKA The part you really
care about...)

Submission : Spell: "Buzz"
Designer : Rob Rubin / Winona RPSIG
E-Mail : Tyger@****
Description: See below.

Type : Physical Range : Touch Target:12 - Essence
Drain : (force) S Duration : "Permanent"

This spell needs a willing target. Upon successful casting, the subject
has an adrenaline surge, and an endorphin rush simultaneously. It also
affects the mind to feel nothing but pleasure.

If the target has blood filters, symbiotes, pathogenic defenses, or any
other filtration / purification systems, each level adds one to the target
number of the caster.

The spell lasts for 5 - 15 minutes (2d6 + 3). Effectively, the spell works
to add a +1 to strength, +2 to willpower (to racial maximum), +1 to
reaction and -2 to intelligence. (Minimum of 1.) All damage modifiers are
halved (round down.)

At the time of casting, the mage can use his extra sucesses to either
bounce up the numbers or extend the time. The stats increase by a 3-1
margin. Meaning for every 3 extra sucesses, the target can have a stat
boosted +1. Or the mage can increase the time by 1d6 per 2 sucesses. The
caster must make this clear before the spell is cast what sucesses are
going where.

The down side to all this is the spell is addictive. Every time the spell
is cast on a target, the target must roll a willpower test. The target
number is the force of the spell. However, they must overcome a threshold
equal to their UNMODIFIED (charisma+body / 2) - 8. If they succeed, they
remain 'normal' after exposure to the spell. If they fail, they are
addicted to the spell's effects. (Detoxing them is the GM's problem, sorry.)

Again, if the target has any filtration / purification system, they may use
them as normal.

Example : Bob the Samurai needs an edge. He asks Cyan, the resident mage,
to cast 'buzz' on him. Cyan casts the spell, target of 11 (Bob is a
samurai, remember....) Cyan then rolls 2d6, getting a 7. Meaning the
spell will last ten minutes.

After the ten minutes are up, Bob then rolls his willpower (Surprisingly,
he has 5 dice) with a target of 3 (The spell force) and a threshold of 4 (a
High body and decent charisma.) Bob rolls a 6, 5, 5, 3, 1. Bob is now
addicted. Had Bob made one more success, he would have been OK.

Karma can be used as usual.

If the target has any biowear designed to boost the body's natural systems
(synthacardium, adrenal pump, suprathyroid gland, and so on) they must make
another body roll (Cyberwear doesn't count), target number equal to the
number of minutes the spell was in effect, with a threshold of the spell's
force. If it fails, the target has overworked a system, and 'burned it
out'. It will not work until repaired.

Example : Bob has an adrenal pump. When the spell wears off, he rolls his
body again. His target number is 10, and he needs 3 of them. Bob rolls 11,
10, 4, 4, 3 & 1. He's now not only addicted, but his adrenal pump has
overextended itself and will not refill again. Not like he cares, he wants
another hit from Cyan...

Other systems are to the discretion of the GM. Likely system failures
happen in any reflex / brain based systems. (Wirex, boosted reflexes,
Headwear memory, and so forth.)


From a designer opinion, yes, it's brutal. But I designed this to reflect
what gang members wanted. It's cheaper than biowear, almost every wiz-kid
mage can learn it, and it has a good return customer rate. I designed this
spell in character to get the gang ready for a turf war. They liked it.
It's become a money-maker for the gang. Rumor has it that the corporations
are trying to get this too, so they have a loyal guard staff. Such is a
modern world...

Questions? Comments? Rude remarks?
What do you think, sirs?


(Sorry if this seems incoherent. I'm very tired [again] because my
flatmates decided to party [again] and didn't warn me... [again])


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