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From: "Brian E. Angliss" <ANGLISS@******.BITNET>
Subject: AAA megacorps
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 17:43:49 -0400
Ok, I have numerous things to say.

How do you define a AAA megacorp? Just the Big 8? This is my definition, and
I'm pretty sure that it's borne out by Corp. Shadowfiles stuff on the Corp
Court and Z-O bank.

Again from the Shadowfiles, would a first tier megacorp be considered AA or
just A? I assumed that the border line would be roughly 105-110 between AAA
and AA, and then the second tier would all be AA and the third tier as A.
According to the post that I mailed in response to The (dead)Wyrm's rough
calculations of Maxim's Net Rating, it came out to roughly 104. Borderline
AAA, from my somewhat arbitrary definitions.

Another arbitrary thing that has already been done is the fact that Maxim Arms
beat Aztechnology in a Desert Wars campaign that turned nasty. This implys
enough force to create major troubles should the Big 8 decide to squash Maxim.

Now, the reason for most of this already pretty deeply entrenched plot was to
demonstrate the process that a AA borderline corp has to go through to become
a AAA corp with all that it entails. It was also created to destroy an
orginization that I shouldn't have created in the first place, but that is
neither here nor there. And finally it was created to introduce a major
villan on the order of Tirandor, MONICA, Ganz, et al.

Certain things and posts cannot be undone. Certain things I am unwilling to
change regarding Maxim Arms and it's place in the corporate structure, although
I am not adverse to modifying them somehow. My original intent was to push
the world to the brink of corp war without ANYONE knowing it until it had
already passed and Maxim had generated a coup. I still intend to do this, as
I think that the unique position that I have placed Maxim in can only lead to
this conclusion. If anyone can tell me how I can have this occur without
Maxim at least obtaining temporary AAA status(a personal invention, I'll admit)
please tell me. I can think of now way for a corporation that has as many
holdings as a megacorp, has as large a military as Ares, has facilities all
over the world, and is introducing a new subsidiary tonight not to have a
status that is exceptional. Even if it means a status that is such that it
has AA status as it does now, but at such a level that it cannot be destroyed
with impunity. I would very much like to hear alternatives or methods that
the players here could approve of.

However, I must say that three people is hardly a majority. I respect them
enough to respect your position on this, but please understand mine. I've
been working on this plot since August actively, and since May in planning
stages, so I am unwilling to sacrafice it. Modify it if the list so decides,
yes, but not destroy it. That would cause the collapse of far too much.


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