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From: Joshua James Harrison <harrij4@***.EDU>
Subject: About Widow...
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 1994 19:35:09 -0500
Well guys, I was doing some research and came up with a good explanation of why
Widow is all messed up... a free spirit has been trying to take over her
body... a nasty free spirit- a "Shadow" (see the reference in the Grimoire for
a little more information).

This is actually one of two free spirits that is involved in this "Project
Purge" Business... the one in Widow isn't very strong, but is causing her
serious problems... the other is more powerful, and is actually behind this
whole thing... but I won't describe the whoe thing now... it is really going
to be FUN though, once the story breaks... (well, fun to watch perhaps... I
don't think the characters are going to enjoy it too much...)

Anyway... I'll post Blaze's description of the ritual... and you can post
descriptions from other characters 'involved' in it... minor discrepancies
aren't that big a deal, just check out my post before making your own
'observations and conclusions'....

Well, until then chummers... talk to you later!

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