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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: About renewing
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 23:57:29 -0600
I have just gotten work from the HEARN listserv that renewal requests
went out to a number of people earlier this evening. This is good,
because it shows that the patches I applied to the list headers did
indeed work. It would nto be a good thingif it ended up crashing the

Now, some have written asking why exactly renewals are needed. Let me
take a few moments to try to explain this a little better:

Right now, there are about 240 people subscribed to ShadowRN, and lesser
numbers on the other lists. Now, every time you mail a message to the
list, HEARN turns around and sends out 240 copies of that message. When
a person sets themselves to nomail, HEARN still creates the message, but
then checks and flushes away those set to nomail. This is a waste of
CPU. This, renewal requests are a way to find those who set themselves
nomail and are no longer interested and forgot, or addresses that are
nomail but nolonger exists, and weed them out of the rolls, thus speeding
up the list a little but (at least in theory).

Also, people may reach the point where they are no longer interested, and
ethier haven't bothered to, or don't know how to, sign off of the list.
Renewal requests allows for these people to leave.


When you get a renewal request in the mail, you simply have to sent a
message to the listserv confirming that you want to stay on. This will
only take a few moments, at will then be good for the next few months
(depending on the list, some are 2 month expirations, some are three).

If you don't want to be on any longer, you can just ignore it and in
seven days you will be removed from the list. if for some reason you are
away and you are removed before you can confirm your subscription, you
can easily sign up again when you get back. (See the FAQs for details on


If you have any questions, or recommendations for changes, please feel
free to contact me.

I might increase the response time allowed from seven to 14 days, but I
have to look into that a little bit more. Any comments on that?

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Message no. 2
From: Kendall Davis <KENDALL@******.BITNET>
Subject: Re: ADMIN: About renewing
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 20:30:34 -0500
An increase in the response time would be helpful. There are rare times
when I am unable to get to my mail for several days. If it were ever more
than seven, it would most certainly be when renewal time comes around!

Kendall (FraterNay, Kendra)

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