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Subject: whos who
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1993 20:22:09 -0500 (EST)
From: IN%"Christina Johnson <johnson1@**.UWP.EDU>"
Date: 5-MAR-1993 14:06:06
Description: HUGE character list

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Here it is, all of us in our glory. If you are on a modem, don't bother.
Stop right now. This sucker's way too long. I hope robert doesn't kill
me for posting something so huge.

If you do have comments to make, please don't send the whole thing back to
me! Thanks.

Christina M. Johnson, University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Humans are social animals. We gang up on each other.
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*** Cast of Characters***

Human Ex-Decker, age mid-30s, currently works as a fixer out of
Cleveland in the UCAS. Has some connections in Seattle, but none are
currently very active. Rather obnoxious, but always willing to pay
appropriate fees for any available data.

Big Jake:
A dwarf samurai and old friend of Dark Elf. Used to be in the Army,
but is now running the shadows in New York. (Vin Esposito)

Age: 27. G.G.'s older sister. She's elven, he's human. Go
figure. Almost as good a decker as G.G. Met Harlequin by
dumping his icon. Also one of Harlequin's mentors.
(Scott Maduski)

Black Bear:
Male; mundane human; rigger; 27 years old; born in Iceland.
Drives a Ford-Canada Bison and a Honda Viking. Went down in a
ball of fire near Chicago. Has appeared in posts as "Southern-
Fried Rigger."

Southern hermetic mage. He speaks with a bit of accent, but
is proud of it, and even keeps it on the net. Perhaps a bit
flashy at times, but he means well.
(Luc Maillet)

Wolf shamanic Adept. Carries a nice weapons focus (his katana). He is
Salish. Age 24.

Helicopter pilot for DDI. Killed by Tirandor for betraying his
contract. (Vin Esposito)

Brandywine (Brandy):
Elf Hermetic Mage from the Tir. Big Time magic and connections. Raised
by Sean Laverty as a result of her 'unique' nature. Closest thing you
could see to a pacifist Shadowrunner. Overprotective of DOA, and still
enjoys the protection of Buster. Don't let her lie to ya, she wouldn't
have it any other way. age: 20. (Chris Johnson)

Decker/conjurer dwarf from Seattle. 3rd level initiate.
(Finian McGaffey)

Vatboy. Former Shadowrunner, now dabbles in everyone
else's business. Won't see him much, he is now a manipulator
on a global scale. Runs some of Seattle's ShadowClinics.
(From a game - really was retired from play) (Chris Bellovary)

Human Decker from Chicago. Retired from the CIA about 1
year ago. Age 30. Icon- Human bee. Utilities- Attack: Stinger,
Relocate- Hives(whadda expect), and Sleaze: A cloud of pollen.
Shall show up once in a while. He now lives in Seattle.

Human decker. Age: about 23. Looks younger. Has been involved in a few
runs, but has been 'unemployed' for about 4 months (nasty involvement
with the UB, you know how it is...)

Splut, after he was incorporated as a part of MONICA

Circuit Breaker:
Age 23. the deckin southern lass. Ran away from a CAS corp
with an advanced C^2 deck. Has now built her own.
She is highly skilled but my poor writing during the
Core wars did not show this. (Daniel Waisley)

Clark, Trevore:
Brandywine's brother. 28 years old. Effete. Leader of a Paladin team
in the Tir. Rarely involves himself in non-elven affairs, and
constantly tries to pull Brandy back to the Tir.

Age 23. African American Panther Shaman who has gang connections.
Works with his magical group to help improve the lower class community
and to lessen all the gang violence and war fare. (Daniel Waisley)

Conquest, Norm:
Troll Eagle Shaman. Son of Joseph Yoshida. Childhood
friend of DOA. (Robert Hayden)

A New York Samurai with a rep for acting like a character out of an
old spaghetti western flat.

A rigger who decks on the side. (Chris Bellovary)

Age 22. Impressions?? well to put it bluntly, As big and as dumb as a
tree. Spirit's boy friend and lover (for 5 years). is REALLY REALLY
STRONG and is always hungry. Basically a nice guy though. Just don't
make him mad. (Daniel Waisley)

Dark Elf:
Elven decker extraordinare from New York. Has a shady past involving
things he won't talk about. Though from New York, did live in Seattle
for a while in the past. Stumbled on the whole MagnaTech plot back in
November while looking for information (as always) (Vin Esposito)

Human kid, about 16 years in physical age, probably only 12 years
old, but far more mature than that. Corp experiment, and
everyone is trying to figure out how much they mucked up
her insides and what they can do to help. (Chris Johnson)

Doctor Doom:
Veteran shadowrunner and decker extraordinare. He is a Prussian noble
with a strong sense of Honor and Chivalry. Presently holds a high rank
in the Prussian Army. He is a Master of the Sword par excellence.
Possessing a predilection towards sesquipedalian speech, he is quite
fond of quoting literature. Presently, he is semi-retired.

A Ninja Phys. Adept. Carries 2 dikoted katanas, one
is a weapons focus. Age 22. He is a Japanese-American.

Dsuri (pronounced "jury"):
Male; mundane human; archetype not established; probably around 30; born
in Hungary. Former soldier in the East European militia; now works at a
consulate in the Detroit/Windsor area.

Mr. Fantastic:
Decker, better than average, but not by much. Has a tendency to
overestimate his abilities and gets in over his head. His irreverent
attitude has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.
[To hear a friend describe it, Doom's punching bag.]

Sasquatch Sammi-turned-Wolf Shaman. Centered north of the Tsimshian.
Flare has a significant penchant for explosives, and is rather adept at
using them -- the bigger the better; military, if you please.

Fuchi United Kingdom (FUK):
Works for Fuchi, UK as a decker, and bounty hunter.
Currently after Highlander for theft of deck, and funds (He
was framed for the latter). Has little respect for others,
likes to threaten, bully. Icon: looks like Sherlock Holmes
Sneers really well. (Ed Matuskey)

G.G. Megabyte:
Age: 24. Is Harlequin's mentor (one of them). Is almost a
god in the matrix. A corp recently hired him to design a
deck for them. Almost died recently. His close group of
friends would go to hell and back for him (we did too!).
(Scott Maduski)

Glitter Boy:
Seattle boy. Quite young, quite talented, rather
overconfident, entirely too cheerful for his own good. Good
decker, but had yet (until now) to bump into a BIG problem.
(Scott Maduski)

Newbie decker. What he lacks in experience he compensates for in
enthusiasm. Rather naive and inexperienced, he is usually is pestering
Doom with questions. Tolerated only because he can be helpful at times.

Harada, Tommy:
Vatboy assassin from hell. I think he is actually
supposed to be genegineered from Quentions DNA.

Age: 23. Been in the shadows since He was 20. That's when
'Raku "let him go". He is a decker/samurai. Learned some
of his skills from G.G. and Bitbyte. Recently found his
half-sister, Sabre. (Mike Knabusch)


Formerly worked for Fuchi, UK. Scottish. Has a prototype C^2 deck
stolen from Fuchi. Icon: looks like Tom Baker's Doctor, with Star Trek
NG comm-badge, Old Star Trek phaser, and other toys. No, not a Matrix
god (yet), but definitely knows both software and tech sides (helped
build the deck he later stole). (Ed Matuskey)

Howe, Lincoln:
Another bluesuit who made MONICA. Her personality is
from one of his (brainmaps?)

Jack Hack:
Human Street Samurai. Friend of Hangtime. Hack has a tendency to be
rather acerbic at times, which means he is usually brutally honest.
The Matrix is not his element. He's only there to pester Hangtime.

Female Human decker raised in Renraku Archeology. Ran away 5 years ago
with ganger boyfriend, who was killed two years ago. Current age 22.
Decker, but more for escapism than serious Netrunning. Aspires to be
a famous actress, either Sim or real. Raven the Mage¾st friend.
Reality Filter="Romance of the Sea". Real Name Jenipher Elizabeth
McCoy. --Jeremy Ryan Roberson (player)

Elven fixer/st. sam. from Greensboro NC. Has contacts in Seattle,
San Fran, Atlanta, and London. Loves cyber, tek-toys and nuyen.
Hates closemindedness, the Humanis Policlub, and emotional invlovements.

Japanese young woman, good decker, very nice. Problems with
a certain corp (to name it would be unwise). Quite patient,
too. (Luc Maillet)

Age: 17. Also know as Bladeboy. A regular Detroit
downtowner. Works as a bouncer. Wonderful things, wired
'flex's, cyber spur's, and retractable hand razors. Lethal
dwarf with a penchant for lovely elven women. He only
reaches up to their navel in height. (heh).
(Mike Knabusch)

Another name for FUK, after Fuchi ousted him.

Age: 19. Intrepid youth that Harlequin sponsored and
removed from a gang. Is a rigger/decker that is under
Harlequin's tutelage. He currently is running with the
House of Cards and Bodycount. Don't ask.
(Mike Knabusch)

A gang boss in the Seattle Barrens and fixer from Hell. She has
contacts all over Seattle and then some. Originally a street samurai,
she is quite potent in a fight, especially with her twin Ingrams.
Associated with Doctor Doom and Flare.

Nasty AI created by Lincoln Howe using Joseph Yoshida's
facilities. Believed to be destroyed.

Mr. Fantastic:
Associated with Doctor Doom

A Fire Adept and newcomer to Dark Elf's team. Lives in New York where
he's got lots of contacts. He's more detective than mage sometimes.

Age 20 (or to him 16) The Drow magical savant. Has a real powerful
weapon/power focus that he created. He uses his magic to somehow
Write to the BBS, Probably a varient on Analyze Device.
(Daniel Waisley)

Seattle Decker with martial arts fetish. Is highly skilled
in Computers, Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, and Stealth. Has
very few cyber or bio-enhancements, but is quite fast
(nowhere near Tommy "the Dragon" Harada). (Jason J Carter)

A rigger from New York who has a history with Dark Elf and Big Jake.
He's fiercely loyal to his friends and seems a little loony at times.

One of the corpers who started this mess

Jaez's "input"

Seattle based decker. Excellent computer programmer
responsible for the creation of several utilities during the
'54 Core Wars. (Robert Hayden)

Raven the Mage:
Female Human Mage. Used to work for Ares, but calls herself
a combat mage. Highly skilled in Sorcery, Sword, and
Martial Arts. Has a mage sword that is her pride and joy
and is a Grade 1 Initiate. (Jason J Carter)

Irish ascendant, born in CFS, discovered his PhysAdept
powers in the Sioux Nations. Is now in Seattle and a recent
Initiate. Follows Owl. (Luc Maillet)

Friendly AI. Believed dead.

Age: 20. Been in the shadows for two years. Is an samurai
from the tribal lands. She's Amerindian/elf. Her
half-brother is an elf. She found him in the 'Plex a year
ago. Is extremely violent against racists. (Mike Kanbusch)

A former sarge in Quention's unit in the eurowars. Thought
to be MIA, turned up alive and well recently.

Human Phys. Adept. Mid 20's. Really fraggin fast in combat,
esp. with Glitter and Sparkle, his matched pair Dikoted Force 2
weapon foci katanas. Grade 2 Initiate, belongs to an initiate group
who call themselves the Watchers. Still SINning; he dips into the
shadows occasionally, but won't take the dive. A bit naive at times.

A Street Sam. Age 25. Was screwed over by MCT.

Age: 20. Amerindian shaman (raccoon) that Harlequin met on
the street (not on a run). She and Harlequin have been
"involved" for 2 years now. Acts like a ditz. Actually is
quite intelligent. (Mike Knabusch)

Age 24. A Japanese American. Her father owns a martial arts do -jo
near University of Seattle. She is a hot underground Rocker
who combines dance and martial arts with her angelic alto voice.
She has a wide following among runners. (Daniel Waisley)

Silent Partner:
An unknown factor (Jason Norton)

Snake over Dragon:
Age: 32. Welsh snake shaman living in the Biaenau Ffestiniog.
He's human and has set himself up as a spokesman against the
influence of Dragons in human society. Does not comment much
about anything else.

Decker Extraordinaire. Friend of Buster's. Also will not
be seen much. (Brian Peterson aka Chris Bellovary)

Age 22. Sioux indian decker, And CRUSH's girlfriend and lover.
She is on par with Napalm (I believe) in how many people she knows.
She is highly skilled but my poor writing during the Core wars did not
show this. (Daniel Waisley)

Decker who died and was incorporated into MONICA as Cerok.
(Robert Hayden)

Human cybervet. He was a former ganger who enlisted in a
merc. co for corp wars in southern Asia. Got metal in place
of meat there. (maillet@*******.CERT.FR)

Age: 22. A street tough turned shaman (mantis). Loves
computers. Is not new to the shadows, rather, new to
Seattle. Currently hunted by the Falcon gang for some
misunderstanding. Met T.C (Hard-to-Catch) a few months
back. Neither has had a problem with their totems of
choice. (Mike Knabusch)

Dragon and owner of Dragon's Den International (DDI) based
in New York aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid.

UCAS General who seems to be behind this somehow.

An Ork rigger. A bit rough around the edges, but
otherwise nice. Loves to drive his vehicles on 'da many
roads ta madness' of America. (Luc Maillet)

The annoying worthless decker who got his brain wasted while
trying to gain things from the MONICA takeover. Now has the
personality of Lincoln Howe residing in his noggin. Is
still held by chain fence rods. (Daniel Waisley)

Wolf 359:
Part time decker. Is known to have several street contacts.

Friend of the deceased Splut. (Robert Hayden)

White Knight:
English independent decker with noble ancestry and an
enjoyment of the finer points in life. Plays with the
concept of honor all ways upon his mind. Some corp
connections mainly with defense company.(Ex-research
designer). (Jason Norton)

An elven decker who has a female Cat shaman for a companion.
Somewhat unpredictable and arrogant, but wildly effective in
a tactical mess. (Curtis D. Frye)

Yoshida, Joseph:
President of Yoshida Technologies. Father of Norm Conquest.
One of the last few honorable corp-folk left. (Robert Hayden)

***Organizations and members therein***

*** BodyCount ***
A Seattle based 'runner group allegedly lead by Dulcimer.
other known members are Mr. Coffee, Merlin, Masque, Mulutov.
currently hunted by the Seattle mafia magnate Mr. Brandon.
(Patric Rogers)

Mr. Coffee:
BodyCount's main decker. C^2 deck, all the brain-ware money
can buy. Eats cpu's for breakfast and writes "belligerent
worms" which get mafia deckers killed by black IC. Partial
to hk227s with smartgoggles. (Patric Rogers)

Dwarf mage, BodyCount. Believed to be from London
aristocracy. How he got to Seattle, and/or connected with
Wildbloode is unknown. (Patric Rogers)

Background unknown. Periodic munitions expert, BodyCount.
real bad attitude. Cyber-/bioware excessive (withstands
s-t-s missiles and likes to play "face tag" with trolls).
Matrix capable street sam type. (Chuck Brewer)

*** House of Cards ***
Seattle based clearing house for 'runners. Provides
shelter, security and financial services to runners. has
four branches, and 16 "executive officer" positions, only a
handful of which are currently filled.
Spades - the combat division.
Hearts - the fixers.
Clubs - the technical personnel.
Diamonds - the magic division.
(Patric Rogers)

Queen of Hearts, HoC. Currently in charge of all HoC
affairs while Wildbloode MIA. Has dissolved all HoC -
Dulcimer connections due to latter's troubles with the
mafia. Magically active - type unknown. (Patric Rogers)

Former 'Raku spec. forces. Current King of Spades, HoC.
stealth and light weapons expert. Has an attitude, is
trying to locate Wildbloode, and gets in a lot of arguments
with Harley. Matrix capable. Excessive cyber-/bioware.
(Patric Rogers)

Troll phys adept, initiate. Data jack-4. Current Ace of
Spades of the House of Cards. Apparently retarded aging,
actual age unknown but claims to be from the late 20th c.
founding member of the House. Leads the Troll Patrol, and
is a decker par-excellence. (Patric Rogers)

Founding member, HoC, King of Hearts. Currently MIA,
believed to be in Tir. Believed to be a phys ad.
contacts-monger. Retarded aging; known to be from late 20th
c. former "leader" of BodyCount. (Patric Rogers)

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