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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Jett <zmjett@*********.COM>
Subject: Who wants a piece of Jett?
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 16:23:50 -0400
Just trying to figure out just how much trouble the Jettster has gotten
herself into this time. Damn psuedo-moral code, gets her in trouble
every time. :)...I can say one thing. Jett will be avoiding Static like
the plague from now on. Just knowing that she was knowingly involved in
these murders disgusts her. Also, if Static finds out that Jett
ratted...I would like to work something out where Jett is attacked while
she's disabled, to give her a reason to get her ass out of the line of
fire. If anyone's interested in working with me on this?



"I'll make this clear, that I'm just here for backup. And to offer the
occasional advice or insult."
--Jett, on being an NPC

"Crushed to death IS natural. Walls fall on people and kill them all the
time. I just make the walls a little more aggressive about it!"
--Cinder the pyrokinetic/psi, on natural causes of death


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