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From: "Scott D. Peterson" <scpeters@****.EDU>
Subject: Wrap Up; History
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 02:08:00 -0600
Ok, here's the data on what has transpired so far:

1) Every four years the contract for the security duties of the Seattle
Metroplex comes up for renewel. On April 1st, 2055, the contract has come
under debate. Lone Star has for,the last twelve years running, managed to
mantain the contract. This year Knight Errant has decided to try and bid
for the contract.

2) To facilitate this and win the contract they have resorted to nasty
Black Opps against Lone Star and the other major security groups in the
plex. They have decided to 1) Flood lots of bad ammo and weapons to
anyone who has security duties in the plex. They believe that if everyone
has missfortunes while under fire, and their performance is degraded by
poor marksmenship and casulties due to bad ammo they will gain favor for
the contract. This has had some viability and has mostly become a very
expensive and embaressing problem for all concerned. Except those who are
making money off it, of course. and 2) Take direct measures against LS
which led to the recent raid against the downtown office of LS.

3) The contract is still under bidding. The plex Government suspects
that KE is screwing around but do not have real justification for saying
no. KE is underbidding LS so they still have not made a choice. Not to
mention that the pas few weeks haven't looked good for LS.

4) Lone Star has been conducting an investigation into exactly who is
doing what to which sections of the LS force. They have contracted out to
the Toys 'R Us Team to find out what has who is doing what, how and to
stop them.

5) Shortly after the TRUT showed up and started to do it's thing KE hired
the run agaist the Down Town Office of LS.

6) Just prior to the assult the TRUT managed to track down the possible
location of the site for the bad ammo and weapons. To take this out,
since they suspect KE of even more nasty stuff they have subcontracted out
to whoever they can find.

7) GunBunny has gone ahead and hit the net with Flatlinner to try and
hire some runners. The rest of the team is in the process of finding out
which part of KE is doing what and will take steps to interdict them as
soon as they correlate their data.

This should bring you all up to date. If you have any questions about the
stuff here address mr directly at <scpeters@****.edu> I'll write you as
soon as I see your post.

I'll follow this up with the Q&A's that I've seen in the plot-d digests.

Love Life, Scott.

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