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From: plotd@*********.com (J. Mach)
Subject: Year of the Comet
Date: Mon Oct 8 21:15:01 2001
So, the subject line pretty much says it all.

The local gaming shop finally got a copy in (or finally got a copy in
that stayed on the shelves long enough for me to thumb through it). Seems
some pretty big hooha went down in 2061 according to canon, and for STk,
we're already in 2062.

I'd love to hear others who have had a chance to peruse the tome more
fully to wade into this, but from my preliminary recon, it doesn't seem to
hurt worldview too terribly. The only major worldview issue was a sudden
mana spike when Halley's old snowball came near perigee. It caused some
sudden unexplained manifestations in 1% of the population or so (similar
to, but shorter in duration than the [now ancient] UGE crisis of 2021) but
overall, the game effect is nothing more than allowing some extra
edges/flaws and for humanity to have grown a bit...funkier (and had a few
wide-spread riots). More appearance changes and minor accessories, but no
new metahuman species. There were a few extra meta-critters, though.
Nothing to write home about. A tiny and short-lived glut in the
orichalcum market, and the Mega-corps were duking it out to probe the
comet, but those were hicups on the global scene.

In major news, SanFran was cut loose from Japan, who has a new
boy-emperor, only to be controlled by an ex-I-Marine General, who I think
took Sacramento, but couldn't take the South Bay. (Doesn't make sense,
geographically, but they claim Ares kept them from going into Silicon
Valley. These are, after all, the authors that claim the rat's nest where
I grew up is a major NorCal metroplex by 205x.) The Pacific "Ring of
Fire" lived up to its name around the time of closest approach. Something
weird happened in Denver involving some meta-magic, a dragon, and Aztech
being kicked out. A new war has erupted in the Yucatan (Aztlan and
Amazonia, I believe).

Other general heinousness of course, but overall, I think things will
basically end up at near status quo by the time they catch up to our
gametime. The only problem I see now is how we phase this into our game.
Any thoughts? Usually, when this sort of thing happens, we end up
ret-con-ing it into our collective memories and picking up the pieces as
they fit in to existing plotlines, but don't let it trash any existing
plots. ("Hey, Spike, when'd your eyes turn completely black?" "Don't you
remember, last June, ya nimrod!")

--My two yen


P.S. Only thing which torques me off, is the insistance of calling the
new Comet-induced generation of oddities "Changelings." *pheh*


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