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Message no. 1
From: Brad Shantz <bshantz@****.COM>
Subject: Aardvark, Backlash, Basilisk, Tiny, Dancing Dragon,...
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 09:03:31 PST
this is a message that I sent personal e-mail to each of you right
before I sent the results of the Whidbey Island run. Which I had wanted each
of you to look over before I posted it to the group. I've got the results at
home and need to bring them to the office AGAIN in order to post. Everything
seems to be in order with my mailer, but I'm confused as to why suddenly all
my outgoing mail stopped going out. Very annoying.
Anyway, look for the upcoming posts.
Thanx for your patience,

<---- Begin Included Message ---->

Hey guys,
Sorry I disappeared. I got dragged into a planning meeting and they
didn't let us out for 3 DAYS!!! Well, not exactly, but it sure felt like it.
I have the results of the run to Whidbey ready to post. It wasn't anything
really exciting, just getting the sample of the gas. Basilisk, (Kevin), you
will be in charge of testing the sample. We'll keep in touch privately about
what you should find. Basically, we have some clues that point to the
peninsula and will probably need to head over there next. I'll start posting
to the group after lunch today. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine
was hectic because I wasn't in Seattle.
I'll try and keep up on the posts. I'm heading to Canada for a few
days at the end of this week for a business trip to McGill University. Then,
on the 18th of this month, I leave for vacation. So, I'll try and get the
major part of this run cleared up before then.
LKet me know what's been happening on the group. I haven't had e-mail
access fopr the last few days and my mailbox has almost 600 messages. What's
this about a party? Did I miss it?
Brad Shantz bshantz@****.com
Senior Software Engineer Main #: (206)-447-0300
SPRY Inc. Direct #: (206)-442-8251
316 Occidental Ave FAX #: (206)-442-9008
2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104 WWW URL: http://WWW.SPRY.COM

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