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Message no. 1
From: plotd@*********.com (Mark Imbriaco)
Subject: [ADMIN] Donation Drive.
Date: Tue Jul 16 16:35:01 2002
Around eighteen months ago we had a small fund-raiser on the site where
we invited our users to make donations to allow us to purchase additional
memory for the server that houses and all the services that
it offers. The amount of enthusiasm that was shown and the number of
donations were surprising -- in a good way. Far more users were intersted
in helping the site than we had any reason to suspect.

With that said, we're asking once again for your help. The server that
houses the Dumpshock sites is quite old and in serious need of upgrade or
replacement. Additionally, HTML.COM who hosts the server have been
providing us with fantastic service at no charge since our inception. At
this time, we'd like to ask those of you who are able to consider a
donation to help us defray the costs of new hardware and to allow us to
make a payment to HTML.COM. Our goal for the fund-raiser is $1250. This
will give us enough money to purchase a significantly upgraded system to
replace our current server as well as leaving some money left over to pay

If you are interested in helping out with a donation, we have setup an
account with PayPal. You can donation by visiting the following URL:

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