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Message no. 1
From: Mark Imbriaco <mark@******.NET>
Subject: ADMIN: FAQ Updated.
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 03:04:55 -0400
The ShadowTk and Plot-D FAQ has been updated to reflect a
clarification in the policy concerning messages sent with an
"encrypt". The following is an excerpt from the FAQ relating
to this subject. If you need a full copy of the FAQ, send
e-mail to mark@******.net and I'll get a copy to you.



2. What are encrypts, and how do I use them?
Encrypted messages are used to allow a message to be either
read only by certain characters or to prevent them from being
read by particular characters. Encrypts are used to enhance
the development of storylines and should be used sparingly.

The first type of encryption is the "Private" message.
Following the keyword "PRIVATE" the names of the characters
the message was sent to are listed. Only these characters are
aware of the messages existence, and even they do not know that
the same message was sent to characters other than themselves.
It is very poor etiquette to have any other characters respond
to such a message, unless it is a special case, and the sender
of the message has agreed to let the message be eavesdropped

The second type of encryption is the "Barring" message.
Following the keywords "NOT TO" the names of the characters
that the writer does not want to recieve the message are
listed. Once again, it is very poor etiqutte to have a
character respond to a message he has been barred from.

A secondary use of encrypts is to allow the author to
neglect to specify an otherwise meaningless detail. Encrypts
of this nature are placed inside a message and appear in a
format similar to "Meet me at >>Encrypted<< in two


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