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Message no. 1
From: plotd@*********.com (Mark Imbriaco)
Subject: [ADMIN] Outages.
Date: Sat Mar 30 17:40:01 2002
As many of you have no doubt noticed the last two days have not been the
picture of stability for the sites. The good news is that
the problems appear to be over. Let me give a quick recap for those of you
who might be interested:

1. Friday, HTML.COM's (our provider of free net access) had a hardware
failure on a RAID controller in their primary DNS server causing all of the
sites that are hosted by HTML.COM and all of the domains that are managed
in DNS by that server to be unresolvable. Unfortunately when it went down
there were also problems on the secondary DNS server which just compounded
the issue. I'll be working with them next week to help them architect a
more resilient DNS system to help prevent this kind of thing from happening
in the future.

2. Today, the power in the building where our hardware (and HTML.COM's) is
colocated went out for an extended period of time and the diesel generator
that is supposed to provide backup power failed to come online. Not much
we can do about this on, just one of those freak things that happens when
you have a storm front moving through with high winds -- branches fall on
power lines and things to hell in a handbasket. I'm pretty confident that
our colocation provider will be looking into the problems with the
generator and getting them resolved in a pretty quick timeframe -- the
downshot was that I was out of the house all afternoon and didn't find out
about the problems until I got home, so while the Dumpshock server was back
up, not all of it's services (ie: email, forums, IRC, etc) were up and
running. They SHOULD be all back up at this point and if you notice
something out of the ordinary PLEASE let me know.

So that's where we stand -- I guess that since the machine ran for over 420
days since the last reboot I really shouldn't be all that upset about this
outage, but it bugs me nonetheless. We should be back to our regularly
scheduled programming now. Everybody back in the pool!


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