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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <jch8169@*******.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: The Reports of My Demise.
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 01:23:45 -0600
Meine Freunde und Kameraden:

When I initially dispatched my missive to Hayden, my intention was
not the garnering of sympathy for my condition; I merely wished to inform
him that administrative services shall be interrupted, at least severely
delayed, for period which hopefully would not exceed a few days.

I admit to being significantly taken aback by this unprecedented
outpouring of well-wishing in regards to my health; it has been /quite/
touching, to the degree I fear I cannot consider myself entirely worthy of
such kind and compassionate sentiments as I have received for the last
several days. (The individual who was maintaining my mail exclaimed that
I merely required a newsgroup fan club.) Ne'ertheless, I extend to each
and every one who elected to submit statements of support my deepest and
most sincere thanks.

That having been said, permit me to dispel a rumor:

I am /not/ dying. Not an accusation: I gathered the impression
that some among those purveyers of pleasant regards were laboring under
the perception that I was on the point of shuffling off this mortal coil.
Although the injuries which I have incurred (I shall refrain from wearying
you with intricacies) have given cause for sensations ranging from mild
yet nagging discomfort to acute yet mercifully brief bouts of anguish, I
am not presently inclined to departing from you just yet. Contrariwise, I
shall not dissemble in the threadbare fashion of vouchsafing the cliche'
platitude of, "I'm fine." as such a statement lacks veracity in representing
my condition.

Presently, the pharmaceutical substances dispensed within my system
have succeeded in moderating my pain to a more manageable magnitude, yet
they have had a debilitating effect upon my lucidity and mental stamina.

At an as yet to be determined time this week I shall be examined
via the application of X-rays, and then it shall be ascertained as to
whe'er or not I have sustained any damage of the permanent variety. I
retain high hopes of a favorable outcome of these tests, not being
disposed to the possibility of enduring vicissitudes devolving from this
incident in the forthcoming years.

Despite the pain and drowsiness -- compliments of the analgesic,
I am sufficiently fit to resume my duties. Once again, I express my
heartfelt gratitude for the torrent of "get well soon" messages, and
rest assured that such is my top priority.

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-- Charles V |_______/ Dread Executor of Administrative Tasks for Hayden

"Pain? Pain is like love, like compassion! It is only a thing for lesser men.
What is pain to Doom?"
-- Doctor Doom

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