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Message no. 1
From: James Dening james.dening@****
Subject: FW: Apply
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:03:59 -0000
Hi, Tulac....

S-tk is a 'live' list, and, for lots of reasons, there's a fixed format
that *ALL* posts should be in....

So, could I ask you to read the FAQ, and to join plotd - the Out Of
discussion list, if you haven't already!



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>From: shadowtk-admin@*********.com
>[mailto:shadowtk-admin@*********.com]On Behalf Of Tulac Samaar
>Sent: 20 November 2000 03:38
>To: shadowtk@*********.com
>Subject: Apply
>>>>>>[I BlackJack would like to join the team cruise. 19:34:06
>Get free email and a permanent address at
Message no. 2
From: Jermaine Amaru nimbuswolf@***.net
Subject: Apply
Date: 20 Nov 00 19:13:16 MST
Jermaine Amaru <nimbuswolf@***.net> wrote:
Private:Black Jack
>>>>>[Alright, so you want to be my combat mage? Meet me at
<<<location and
time>>>. If you have any further questions drop me a line. Cruise sent the
application, so I'll change my mind. Ask him any questions you have. If you
accept, you will be briefed on future planned runs.
--Nimbuswolf <18:05:01/11-20-61>
Sorry i forgot the last part. God have mercy on my soul. *haha*

Get free email and a permanent address at


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