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Message no. 1
From: Shadowrun Fan <shadowrunfan@*****.COM>
Subject: Auction List - Delete if you don't want to buy
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 08:19:27 -0700

Sorry to send this here, but these items have to go.
Shadowrun is at
the bottom. Contact me at kmcinnes@*****.com if you'd
like to be part
of my upcoming auction.


Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms Adventures Hardcover
Elminster’s Ecologies, Battle of Bones, Hill of Lost
Elminster’s Ecologies, High Moor, Serpent Hills
FOR1 Draconomicon
FOR2 Drow of the Underdark
FOR3 Pirates of the Fallen Stars
FOR4 Code of the Harpers
FOR Elves of Evermeet
FOR Seven Sisters
FOR Giantcraft
FOR Cult of the Dragon
Wizards and Rogues of the Realms
Warriors and Priests of the Realms
FR1 Waterdeep and the North
FR2 Moonshae
FR3 Empires of the Sands
FR4 The Magister
FR5 The Savage Frontier
FR6 Dreams of the Red Wizards
FR9 Bloodstone Lands
FR10 Old Empires
FR11 Dwarves Deeep
FR13 Anauroch
FR14 Great Glacier
FR16 Shining South
FRS1 The Dalelands
The Moonsea
The Vilhon Reach
FRE1 Shadowdale
FRE2 Tantras
FRE3 Waterdeep
FA1 Halls of the High Kings
FRQ3 Doom of Daggerdale
PG2 Player’s Guide to the Forgotten Realms
The Forgotten Realms Atlas
Pages from the Mages
Prayers from the Faithful
Cormanthyr, Empire of the Elves
Faiths and Avatars
Powers and Pantheons
Heroes’ Lorebook
Volo’s Guide to All Things Magical
Volo’s Guide Waterdeep
Volo’s Guide to the North
Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast
Volo’s Guide to Cormyr
Volo’s Guide to the Dalelands
Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalog

Box Sets

Campaign Setting, First printing of second edition
Lands of Intrigue
Ruins of Undermountain
Ruins of Undermountain II
Ruins of Zhentil Keep
Ruins of Myth Drannor
The North
Elminster’s Ecologies
City of Splendors
The Horde
Campaign Set, First Edition
City System, First Edition


Castles Forlorn Box Set
Van Richtens Guide to the Fiend

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

2nd Edition Hardcovers

Monstrous Manual
Player’s Handbook
Dungeon Master’s Guide
Tome of Magic
Book of Artifacts
Legend and Lore
Player’s Option: Spells and Magic
Player’s Option: Skills and Powers
Player’s Option: High-level Campaings

1st Edition Hardcovers

Dragonlance Adventures
Oriental Adventures
Players Handbook
Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide
Monster Manual II
Fiend Folio


Dragon Mountain Box Set
REF1 Dungeon Master’s Screen
REF6 Rogue’s Gallery
Rogue’s Gallery First Edition
World Builder’s Guidebook
GR2 Dungeons of Mystery
GR3 Treasure Maps
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 1
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 2
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 3
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 4
Wizard’s Spell Compendium Volume 1
Wizard’s Spell Compendium Volume 2
PHBR1 Complete Fighter
PHBR2 Complete Thief
PHBR3 Complete Wizard
PHBR4 Complete Priest
PHBR5 Complete Psionics
PHBR6 Complete Dwarves
PHBR8 Complete Elves
PHBR8 Complete Bard
PHBR10 Complete Humanoid
PHBR11 Complete Ranger
PHBR Complete Paladin
PHBR Complete Barbarian
DMGR1 Catacomb Guide
DMGR2 Castle Guide
DMGR3 Arms and Equipment
DMGR4 Monster Mythology
DMGR5 Creative Campainging
DMGR Sages and Specialists
DMGR Complete Villians
DMGR Complete Necromancers
Monstrous Compendium 3 Ring Binder w/ Volumes 2 & 3,
and Forgotten
Realms appendix inside


War Captain’s Companion Box Set
The Legend of Spell Jammer Box Set
Monstrous Compendium Appendix
SJR2 Realmspace

Dark Sun

Dragon Kins Hardcover
Campaign Setting Box Set
Campaign Setting, Revised Box Set
Ivory Triangle Box Set
Mind Lords of the Last Sea Box Set
DSM1 Black Flames
Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium
Thri-Kreen of Athas
Psionic Artifacts of Athas
Defilers and Preservers
Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
The Will and the Way
DSS1 City-State of Tyr
DSS2 Earth, Air, Fire and Water
DSS3 Elves of Athas
DSR1 Slave Tribes
DSR2 Dune Trader
DSR3 Veiled Alliance
DSR4 Valley of Dust and Fire
CGR2 Complete Gladiator


Campaing Setting Box Set
Planes of Chaos Box Set
Planes of Conflict Box Set
Planes of Law Box Set
Hellbound Box Set
Factol’s Manifesto
Monstrous Compendium Appendix
Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil
Uncaged: Faces of Sigil
On Hallowed Ground
Planewalkers Handbook
A Guide to the Astral Plane
Faces of Evil: The Fiends
Doors to the Unknown
The Eternal Boundary
Something Wild
Well of Worlds
Dead Gods

Dungeons and Dragons

AC7 Master Player Screen
AC9 Creature Catalogue
AC10 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants
AC1010 Poor Wizard’s Almanac
GAZ1 Grand Duchy of Karameikos
GAZ2 Emirates of Ylaruam
GAZ3 Principalities of Glantri
GAZ4 Kingdom of Ireendi
GAZ5 Elves of Alfheim
GAZ6 Dwarves of Rockhome
GAZ7 Northern Reaches
GAZ8 Five Shires
GAZ10 Orcs of Thar
GAZ12 Golden Khan of Ethengar
GAZ13 Shadow Elves
Basic Rules Books (2)
Expert Rules Book (1)
Companion Rules Books (2)
Master Rules Books (2)
DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle
XSOLO Lathan’s Gold
B2 Keep on the Borderlands
X1 Isle of Dread
CM6 Where Chaos Reigns
CM9 Legacy of Blood
M2 Vengeance of Alphaks

Miscellaneous TSR

Alternity Limited Edition Rulebook, signed by
Slavicsek and Baker


Rifts Rule Book
Rifts Conversion Book
Rifts Sourcebook
Rifts Sourcebook Two: Mechanoids
Rifts Sourcebook Three: Mindwerks
Rifts Sourcebook Four: Coalition Navy
Rifts Dimension Book Two: Phase World
Rifts Dimension Book Three: Phase World Sourcebook
Rifts World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms
Rifts World Book Two: Atlantis
Rifts World Book Three: England
Rifts World Book Four: Africa
Rifts World Book Five: Triax and the NGR
Rifts World Book Six: South America
Rifts World Book Seven: Underseas
Rifts World Book Eight: Japan
Rifts World Book Nine: South America 2
Rifts World Book Ten: Juicer Uprising
Rifts World Book Eleven: Coalition War Campaign
Rifts World Book Thirteen: Lone Star
Rifts World Book Sixteen: Federation of Magic
Rifter #1
Rifts Mercenaries
Rifts Index Volume One
Rifts Index Volume Two
Rifts Gamemaster Reference Screen


Core Rules Book
Nemesis: The Grey Sourcebook
Aegis Handbook
Atlantis Rising

Fadings Suns

Core Rules Book
Gamemasters Screen
Forbidden Lore
Lords of the Known Worlds
Weird Places
Priests of the Celestial Sun
Players Companion
Dark Between the Stars
Byzantium Secondus


Hardcover Rules, second edition
Gamemaster screen and contact guide
Denver Box Set
Virutal Realities
Rigger Black Book
Paranormal Animals of Europe
Corporate Shadowfiles
Fields of Fire
Lone Star
Prime Runners
Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life
California Free State
Tir Tairngire
Tir Na Nog
Bug City
Corporate Security Handbook
Underwold Sourcebook
Target: UCAS
Virtual Realities 2.0
Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn’s Secrets
Seattle Sourcebook
Native American Nations Volume 1
London Sourcebook
Germany Sourcebook
Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Native American Nations Volume 2
Rigger 2
Street Samurai Catalog, second edition
Parnormal Animals of North America
Super Tuesday!
The Grimoire
Shadowrun Companion


GURPS Warehouse 23
GURPS Illuminati
Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu

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