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Message no. 1
From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: BoneJacker/Miranda
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 12:02:00 PDT
Phil, your going to have to tell BoneJacker what you want him to find in the
Agrigen computers during this run.

BoneJacker, heres the deal so far: NightShade and Spice were approached by a
Miss Miranda Lees (of the Metatype Front) to track an old lover and information
source who had disappeared. The man was called David Beaumont, and he used to
work for a company called Agrigen. There he noticed some very strange experimen
ts, after prying a bit too hard, he disappeared (the police called it suicide).
After an investigation, we discovered that he had not in fact died, but rather
been driven insane at the sight of a Toxic spirit. Now this is the intricate
part, Agrigen seems to been doing experiments with Toxic spirits, and somehow
David stumbled on to their work.
Also, at the last meeting between our Employer we found out that the Miranda
Lees who had hired us was only an illusion, the real Miranda Lees showed up, as
did we to be confronted by a Mr. Hellier, who then used a group of merc to try
to kill both of us. So now we're trying break into agrigen and find out whats
going on.

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