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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: Current going on's in Bltizkrieg's story.
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 1994 21:54:55 MST
This is what is happening in my story line.

Too injured to resist, Doomsday and Blitzkrieg are arrested and turned over to
interpol. And are currently in a jail cell waiting judgement.

Doc Grizzle, Dragoneyes, and Gutterrat, are looking for anyway to break them
out, but are too injured to many solutions. Blitzkrieg never got a chance
to relay to anyone the location of the safehouse, so that is where the ball

As I understand it. Bruce and WHAT will be arriving soon into Denver.
Also following will be Brian's crew of Diana (who's already there), Slash,
AJ, Roxy. This mainly goes for WHAT and Bruce who are arriving by plane.
Expect to get a vicious hand-to-hand ambush in the airport, play it out in
your minds and post what you want. It will probably should result in getting
arrested for the fight for a one night stay in the slammer. Hammer will have
more friends waiting to attack you after your releasal.

Hammer will not be present in any of the ambushes. Nor Firewraith.

P.S. If anyone else wants in... feel free to get in the action, but you might
want to get ahold of me first. My e-mail address is:

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