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Message no. 1
From: Pete psyscape@**********.com
Subject: Employment Offer
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 20:10:04 +0100
The offer sounds too good to be true. Well in some ways it is. Excalibur
Electronics is actively and agressively looking for skilled staff.
Research and development is hidden under a heavy veil of secrecy. Which
means, yes, the primary systems are not connected to the matrix gateway.
The job offers are solid, and realistic, they are above average regarding
salary and benefits, but below the high end corporate employers. A little
above where you'd expect to see these levels for a new company.

The two companies that are funding EQEP (Equep) are "Simile Ltd.", a firm
diversifying with Investment Brokers, Chartered Accountants, Architects &
Surveyors of Bond Street, London (a 75 year old stable firm with a lot of
experience behind them) and "Durban Steel & Shipbuilding", Durban, South
Africa (primarily involved with ship construction and deep sea vessel
construction, they also run a small fleet of around 35 transports ranging
from coastal tankers to ocean going container vessels)

EqE is a limited company and has not been floated on the exchange yet,
relying on local and foreign investment to bear them up until they get
production underway and a decent portfolio to present to potential

Primarily the company will focus on fine high quality cybernetics, such as
ear internals, eyes and voice modulation with other systems in the
pipeline. Biochemical research initially will be on cheap effective
pharmaceuticals for medicinal use and cybernetic rejection suppression.
Side lines of the company will include specialist boats for the rich and
idle to kill themselves in and EqE have already employed a team of
mechanics and drivers to compete in the Seattle power boat races. Some
extra production will be in systems, software and electronics for sale to
other companies and individuals, including fine tools for "hobbyists".

Excalibur Quality Electronics & Pharmaceuticals for those that care, is
also looking for shadow operatives who want a more, shall we say, stable
way of life, though they may be asked occasionally to do something that
might normally be a tad off the wall.

To reassure the more paranoid of the list, no this company will not start
competing with corporations and will not reach corporate status while in
my control. I have no ambitions with this company other than those stated
above. They're small, specialist and that's how they'll stay until
ploughed under or bought out. They are however, competitive and
aggressive (I know it sounds like a contradiction but it isn't), so they
will not tolerate slackers and the "family" thing is an attraction not a
reality. Staff in the various departments are on first name terms with
their colleagues, but there is no doubt this is a company and you are
expected to work hard for your living and achive targets when they are

So, any of you who have runners you want to retire, without actually
retiring them, here is your opportunity. There is also opportunities for a
Johnson (experienced of course) and other sideline characters. Any mad
schemes, thoughts, opportunities or ideas must be run through me of
course, but the company is open to list members to play with, with my
approval of course. :)

I would however be lying if I didn't admit that I do have some schemes and
plans for this company though. <g>

And with that. TTYL


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