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Message no. 1
From: Basilisk <prier@***.UNIBAS.CH>
Subject: Encrypts
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 01:24:59 +0200
I think the virtual conferencing option is a good idea. If it is
sensitive information, but good to push a storyline forward, the
characters involved could write up a virtual conversation in "realtime".
It would go through the node, so we (the players/writers) can see it,
but, because it is happening realtime, it won't be stored anywhere and
would be impossible to intercept unless someone was hanging around just
waiting for it. A designation for this could be:

*****Establish Virtual Link: OtherDudes MPCP
>>>>>[message as normal]<<<<<

Encrypts in general are fun and make things more interesting, in my view,
but I agree that they are being much overused. They should be used in
moderation and then respected as not breakable, or at least not without
a lot of work and TIME.

For other sensitive postings, the writer can be deliberately vague
about the subject of the post, but write it into the "Subject" of
the actual message, so others know what is being refered to. This
has a disadvantage of not being carried over to the logs, but the
gist should come across there too. This is what Basilisk and Jeweler
have been doing recently on the SureLooks run.

One last point that someone brought up is that even if a sensitive
message is intercepted by the wrong party, they are unlikely to know
who exactly you are or where to find you, so its not really THAT bad.
Of course specific times and dates about a future run against a named
party is dangerous, and that should either be heavily encrypted (a case
of necessary encrypting), or better (and smarter), the time/date and
actual target should not be named in the same post.

Just thought I'd get my thought into the fray. I like encryptions
(although I rarely use them), they just need to be used judiciously.
Unfortunately, that is hard to enforce. Why don't we all just make
an effort to tone down on the encrypts, eh?

Kevin Prier, aka Basilisk, Jeweler, Cobra.

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