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Message no. 1
From: Sandra <sandral@****.CO.NZ>
Subject: Floating city
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 09:57:35 -0800
I'm sending some characters on a cruise through the Carribean... is
there any canon on what's out there?

I vaguely want to have the boat stop at an as-yet un-named place which
is put together from a whole lot of little boats and big platforms sand
so on... a floating city is what they call it, but it's more of a little
town. There'll be a few corporate marine research places on or near it
too. I can put together a history for it, but it'll depend on how much
has been wrtitten in the canon about the carribean. At the moment I want
to populate it with refugees and so on, plus maybe a few pirates and
crime bosses. There'll be order though, the assorted crime bosses having
got togetehr and sorted out something. The refugees will have wanted to
go to the CAS or UCAS and been denied entry, so there's a fair amount of
anti-american sentiment there. Any questions/opjections?


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