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Message no. 1
From: Hunter <hunter@******.STAT.COM>
Subject: I'm Back(again)
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 20:06:47 MST
Cripes, it took long enough. MY thanks to Brion for letting everyone know
the score, but I now have my computer back and am up and running at full
steam. Brion, I need a couple of days to get my characters back into
place. I'll probably need a lead-in from Irish sometime on Saturday or
Sunday so I can get Caine and Sherlock back into the swing of things. If
we have to, we can say they went off briefly and got married. That might
lay down something to use for when Caine bites it. (For those of you who
joined in the last eight weeks, Sherlock is a _woman_.)

For anyone else, I have two other characters available immediately for
jobs. The Phantom (aka the Ghost Who Walks) is... is... ah, shoot!!
Forget I mentioned it at all. They'll be ready soon. I'll probably intro
all three new characters at Caine's forthcoming funeral. The Phantom,
the Shadow, and the Green Hornet may team up with... well, now, I can't
reveal everything, now can I? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Until next time... DON'T EAT THE SPAM!!!!

hunter@****** (Hunter)
'the computer handyman' - 602/548-9706

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