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Message no. 1
From: Mach mach@****
Subject: insert Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' here
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 21:53:25 -0800 (PST)

Ho-kay, so it wasn't covered in that much detail in the FAQ, but
coming out with entirely new technologies fits under the auspices of
"worldview altering." Perhaps Mark N. could have mentioned what exactly
The Sybarite's post was describing in less tech-speak on PlotD, but you
called him on it and he was courteous in his response. The sourcebook
ShadowTech eludes to the advances that have been made in biotechnology,
and particularly bio-weapons. That a research group has developed a
STD-vector bioweapon isn't too outside the realm of possibility (heck,
conspiracy theorists keep claiming the CIA did just that with AIDS).
That another has developed a virus that attacks the heart is not that
far out either. Various bacteria and viruses do that already (look up
pericarditis *shudder* that one put my dad in the hospital). The trick
is "taming" the virus to be virulent or benign when you want it to be.

But reanimating corpses? With a big machine? Um...that the
sort of thing you should bring up here to a) give a head's-up to the
list that you want to try something different and b) illicit opinions on
whether it is kosher, given the world-view. Usually, if your idea is
well thought out and still within the realm of probability to exist
given the known Tech/Magic level in Shadowrun, then you will either get
tacit approval or just some constructive criticisms and positive
suggestions. You may even get more than a few people interested in
joining your plot once it gets started.

For example, we once had someone who wanted to have a production
line of RoboCops (tm). Dead corp-sec reanimated and turned into
cyberzombies. (They're already dead so essence doesn't matter? Right?)
This lead to a lot of frowns on the part of the list. It was a munchkin
idea and was beyond the tech level by quite a bit. But the main reason
it was shot down? Why would a corp waste _that_ much money on a project
when there were cheaper, potentially more effective solutions at hand?
What he wanted was very nasty, heavily armed and armored security guards
that would trash the runner group in over their heads. He liked the
movie, and figured why not use RoboCop as a basis, but that was not the
only way that you can get the same result. So, someone suggested that
if the guy wanted humanoid cops that were nearly completly robotic, why
not just go all the way? Human-form drones are already noted in
Rigger2.0. Given the proliferation of cybernetic limbs/sensors, it
would probably be quite cost-effective to make an all machine security
guard that would be rigged by some sec-rigger safe in his armored
hidey-hole deep in the complex. You could even dress it up to make it
look like a human sec-guard as it walks its rounds, but the first runner
to try to take him out like he would for a flesh-and-blood sec guard is
in for a nasty surprise. =)

So, how about giving us a more fleshed out idea of what you have
in mind? Obviously you aren't going for a straight Voudoun zombie, as
per the description of them in the sourcebooks. How do you see this
artificial process capable of reanimating and controlling a corpse?
What technology are you basing the idea on, extrapolating it from, or is
this something totally new? (*hint* It is far easier to have an
adaptation accepted than an original idea, but it has been known to
happen for ideas that are sufficiently well thought out.)

--My two yen


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