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Message no. 1
From: Kymberly Acton <uslae@***.MCL.UCSB.EDU>
Subject: Kjerstoph--GrussGott--Long, sorry
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 1994 17:10:53 -0700
Hi & Hullo!
This is my explanation of the Siemens/Diebold job and events.

First off- forget my sister, she can't remember any details,
so she pilots a bunch of forgetful elves whenever she games.
Sure, they're fast, but they keep running into walls.
"i thought there was a door to the left!"
"you turned around to talk to Kugel, yes? _then_ bolted left?"
And she's always hounding me to run Paranoia.

The Team: What the kids have done is remove a componant prototype based
on the next wave of implant technology developed by Siemens. I was
planning on siccing the security forces of Siemens on the team, backed up
by a couple investigators from Argus/Frankfurt. Having a "collect the
scraps" road rally between Siemens, AGChemie, Hunter, LexAnder, random
ffolk smelling =Y=, random corps smelling =Y=, maybe another AGChemie
faction wanting credit for the scoop, maybe someone in AGS gvmnt tired of
the corporate crap wanting to nail _somebody_, _anybody_. (maybe I'm not
so played out, I still feel mean as hell.)

H/K's source and ultimate facilitator of this Job is AG Chemie Europa. He
made up a cover story to feed the team he hired. They were told to grab
the hardware, but someone did get smart(assed) and downloaded the related
data so they now posess 2 valuable items> the proto and the info. [blind]
hit the black ICe *ha ha ha*, and it was Kraut ICe, *ho ho ho*, but the
Sidhe freak managed to store the data. *pisser*. Voltaire,
rigger/panic-machine, bolted with the proto. *typish*.

If the Kids can reach AG, thru the proper contacts -they may be
protected. AG has the power, and they can still get their buy. Unless
Voltaire looses her head in some TranQStube. Or [blind]s head melts, or
LexAnder takes it off.

My whole scenario now is the abuse of the team. (they always think they
can know _everything_, or pull it off the net> well find _this_ memo,

HK didn't give them enough info to get out. *not my fault* StrongholdGate
is in an initial form and pathetically easy to splat.
(StrongholdKeep/Charmed has a little magic pain spike to it) So now what!

AGChemie might have been watching the situation, though they would prefer
to stay out of the obvious dirt of the gig. There is PLENTY of room for
meddling, playing, joining, working against-hee hee hee.

Newcomers could be anything- anyone who has intercepted the
transmissions, corporate types, security agents, bounty-hunters, (maybe a
group wants to initiate a rescue for profit from AG)- but feel damn free
to wing it and break in. If you are going for the gusto- please send to
me that you trace and I will give you coordinates. Unless you stumble
across a battered crew in Darmstadt, and have a hunch. Surprise me. Did I
mention that I'm bored? I've been drained by isolation. I'd like events
to be augmented and made real on the net. I think the matrix should be
noizy. Comment even if you don't want to join in. Love dropping line
noize in and making up wierd advertisements for their hacking pleasure.
If you have people idle in AGS, or Seattle who would like to play- lets
go, if you want to mutate us into your events, party-on.

[blind]: thinks self is battle damaged, from the trouble exiting the
target, but that wasn't all that hit, it was the ICe.

Voltaire: flipped out and used a 203 round on a glass rotating door. Not
that the Germans were being nice, but that really brought out the heavy
artillery. That is how this gig hit the Frankfurter papers- the resultant
fireball was quite publicly visible. AG may be distributing false leads
to protect the team from a distance. Oh Frag0ff, they ARE. The Jedi-Mind
Trick- es ist nicht auslandern sie suchen, aber Schwartzwaldern und

Huntr/Killr: Im trying to steer H/K into putting up the contact and the
creds to arrange (eventually, once the teem is located in the first
place) their extraction. I figure the least he can do is spring for a
ride with the Deutscher Sicherheitsdienst. (that is such a cool detail,
can they drive little yellow cars with whoopee lights and orange flags
onnem, please!!) AG would cover the cost if they knew what it'd be
bringing them. The contact he has made in AGChemie is known only as
"Jannson", and he is using a phone number direct to the "AG
Buro-postamt", where a dial in gate (extension eins-vier-drei) gives him
the contact. I dunno who the hell he is or if he's got a special angle- I
just made him up. Are your baddies behind things? I've got H/K under mild
scrutiny by domestic security for those uplink transmissions. He knew he
was signing onto a big score- but figured he'd be safe on home soil
(Seattle). Didn't think he'd piss off anyone locally by orchestrating an
overseas gig. Yeah. Actually thought he'd gotten a secure uplink for the
three necessary transmissions. Looks like the traffic is gonna get a
little heavier. Can't wait... Anyway if he thinks the hardware was the
important thing, and the kids are captured... he won't know what they've

LexAnder: has a member of the team, but he doesn't know them on sight, so
he doesn't know which one he has. H/K couldn't exactly tell which one of
the kids it was from the piped-vid. Maybe I havn't made up my mind yet!
Three team members are missing. Mannequin wandered off... Did Lexanders
entry knock him down? Or was Lex in the safe room w/[blind]? Lexander is
pure Merc- only surfing as much as and when necessary. He is a very
physically oriented, and power-seeking dirtbag. His only nod towards
non-tactile sensation are his emotions- lust & satisfaction. That's the
only reason he started using the net- he liked what he could do to
peoples brains from the inside. (and for a profit, yet)

A couple of our people havn't joined yet, maybe I will bring in Susan's
posts, maybe I will just kill her character online and not tell her..heh
heh heh. Man, Connery looks old. Never watch Never Say Never Again again.

Where are Voltaire and Arcady? They separated after the job. I'm assuming
they've taken their wounds to ground untill we hear from them, *ahem* or
they are found. The worst thing that could happen is Voltaire could get
traced to a bad SIN in Westphalia, but that's far north anyway, because
she and her companions _can_ be id'd for crimes there, besides, she's
Sapeins/Sapiens in the criminal company of Sapiens/----. But don't even
think of doing that! I hate doing all that VaticanEncode, and Papal
motivation business.... unless _you_ want to...

BTW> should we be compiling character sketches to register? would more
info here be helpful- or is the truth of online unfolding preferable? NaJa-
Also do you guys mind the complex Deutsch? I can issue a speak English
reprimand. Or is it tasty flavor?

Wish I could get S-tsets on this damn machine. Oh- we're really big on
the Germania, because in reality Kymba and James just came home from a 3
year tour. I only got to visit a couple times, but K & my family is from
there. LAUGHED my ASS off when I saw Giessen in the sourcebook. Looking
for village of Grossen-Buseck and castle of Munsenberg. If anyone wants
to jump in and drag these bums to Munsenberg, we'll have a gang healing
and major Fest, all hostilities over. This sourcebook knocks me out
because its so fragging real to my travels. Garmisch-Partenskirchen-

Supposedly my devious set-up will be safe as she has promised to not read
Plot-D, but to FTP the list to disc and give it to me. But she's a
_fraggen_ Decker_!!....O! Why me!. What am I about to do...I can see me
chasing her around Isla Vista on a scooter with a rubber band gun, while
she runs down the street waving the disc screaming "Im invisible!" Is
that a viable translation of Shadowrun to current reality?

All for now-

To specify messages for me when directly e-mailing to uslae@***, please
stick Kjers somewhere in the subject- otherwise, I will be reading the
group Monday and Wednesday, pilfing Kymba's account. "call me ky, you
dick"...heh heh heh "make me."


damn- J&I just spent 2 hrs at the lab, so the story has progressed...
In the Darkness, Dwell things Darker Still...
Vladymyr Lexander Draguul, (sca)
Horsemen of Judgement Keep

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