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From: Craigtw1@***.com
Subject: Fwd: LIttler stuff by Maxim
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 23:50:01 -0500
This is the stuff Shadow would have found out.
Forwarded message:
From: angliss@****.Colorado.EDU (ANGLISS BRIAN EDWARD)
To: craigtw1@***.com
Date: 96-02-14 22:54:32 EST

Ok, here goes. I've included some interesting goodies, like melee
weapons, as well.

"Civilian" weapons:

Micronian melee weapons: these blades, available in long and short axes,
swords, and long and short knives, are stronger, sharper, and lighter
than comparable blades that haven't been dikoted. The reason is because
the technology enables Maxim to reduce the size of the metal grains,
which makes the material stronger, etc.

Peacemaker light pistol: REALLY ugly, from the "if it looks dangerous,
they'll treat you better" school of pistol design, but with improved
damage capability over other light pistols

Mistress and Master: Light/Heavy pistol made of 100% polymer and
chambered for caseless ammo which is held in custom clips that keep chem
sniffers from finding the propellant(more of a special ops weapon, really)

Martin Hunting rifle: A larger round and longer barrel make this almost
a sniper weapon, and it has the range of a sniper rifle too.

Improved Mongolian Recurve Bow: The most powerful non-crossbow bow made
worldwide, based on the old Mongolian recurves.

Throwing Stilettos: Variously coated, these weapons are designed to
penetrate light armor but sacrafice damage ability.

Military/Security weapons and ammo:

Ammo: Armor Peircing Incendiary(API), explosive flechette(FlechetteX),
and APDS Explosive(APEx)

Tarot line of assult rifles: Best are the combat rifles(Devil and Tower)
which have integral grenade launchers, smartlink2, gasvents, and
microgyro recoil compensation(the Tower has an automatic grenade launcher
instead of a standard one)

Alien H. pistol: heavy pistol with gasvent and Smartlink 2, but capable
of firing a single burst as well as SA fire.

Occifer l. pistol: personal sidearm that has been optomized for armor
peircing ammo.

Badger Sniper Rifle: Big brother of the Martin hunting rifle, but with
the burst tech of the Alien pistol. But it's huge and the barrel, which
is the only collapsable part, is 1.5m long.

PFS-19 SMG: Advanced recoil comp(microgyro) and smartlink 2, plus newest
in materials tech. 35 shot clip, FA capable, lighter weight, and
reasonably high damage.

DTAC-7/8/10: Supermachineguns bored for SMG ammo(the first 2) and assult
rifle ammo(the last, which is more of a minigun than a supermachinegun)
to improve damage at the cost of higher recoil.

Grenades Thermite, Pistol or Rifle fired, gas(toxin) grenades.

Neatest rifle is Ramjet Rifle: fires armor peircing ceramic ramjet
rounds and does more damage as it gets further from the weapon.

Firearm accessories:

Microgyro: small gyroscope that compensates some for the recoil of the
weapon but can fit in any pistol, SMG, or rifle, and offers differing
recoil compensation depending on the mass of the weapon.

Cybernetic gyromount: gyromount that reads the body's movements via a
full-body system such as Wired, Skillwires, VCRs, etc, and doesn't screw
with the body's movement while it still compensates for recoil. NEW and

That's about it, Tom. Feel free to comment on the stuff you like, or
just on the stuff Shadow would care about, and leave the rest out if you



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