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Message no. 1
From: Craigtw1@***.com
Subject: Fwd: Maxim intelligence(not recon yet)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 23:50:11 -0500
Ignore the stuff that Shadow was to have found out, folkses, he's not
magically active, yet...<eg>.
Forwarded message:
From: angliss@****.Colorado.EDU (ANGLISS BRIAN EDWARD)
To: craigtw1@***.com
Date: 96-02-14 02:32:35 EST

Ok, this is what I'd like to have your characters discover about the
site, as well as who I figure would have access to what. Feel free to
move stuff from one person to another if someone else has a better
contact to get the stuff.

Dracon Daimyo: Since Dragon's going on the recon trip, I'll keep him
"out" of the equation of info gathering, I suspect. For now, anyway.

Shadow: I was thinking that he'd be able to pick up on some info on the
local magical talent, like the martial arts styles of the area, physical
adepts of reknown, important people to meet(or not, as the case may be).

Gunny: Ok, how about having him find about the possible IFVs and
artillery that the raiders could be facing. The actual stuff will be
determined by the recon and sattelite photos, but at least he'd be able
to get the general stuff. So here goes:

TPC-34 "Thug" IFV: Antiquated by modern battle standards, Maxim still
sells them to cash poor buyers and uses them occasionally for thier MSI
branch when they need a little heavier transportation. They are tracked,
relatively quick, have a remote medium turret, can carry missile pods,
and haul around 10 troops.

Sandworm IFV: This is a wheeled AFV with all-terrain capability
including submarine if necessary. It carries 12 troops and has a medium
turret that mounts either a missile launcher or a rotary autocannon.

VT-28 LAV-IFV: It's a LAV troop transport with large turret and anti-air
weaponry, 4 shot missile launcher, and microturret. It hauls ass and
carries 12 troops.

Heavy Hover transport: medium turret with miniguns and missile launcher
plus 2 external firmpoints with missile pods. It carries 20 troops.

DG-4 Templar Artillery: two 175mm railguns in fixed forward(no turret)
anti-air configuration with directed flechette APZs. It fires each gun
alternating for double the normal rate of fire. BattleTac equipped and
VT self-propelled.

SG-13 Buffalo selfpropelled artillery: a HUGE 220mm railgun, VT engines,
a small turret rear of the main gun with a rotary laser system and it has
an unknown APZ type. BattleTack equipped.

S-MArt ACV missile artillery: slower, but launches various missiles or
rockets(a total of 50CF of missiles or rockets) and has a microturret for
self-defense on the rear deck. BattleTac equipped, but no APZ.

Now, for Buzz: He'll find the Matrix security set-up. Unfortunately,
that means very little, because the security system is 100% independant
of the rest of the system. However, from what little he can glean, there
should be communications connections to it from other sources(which I
have another decker discovering), albiet limited and severly secure
connections. Even those won't get to everything, though.

However, Buzz will be able to determine that the facility has it's own
power generation facility in addition to external power, which is likely
nuclear and buried under the facility somewhere.

Damn.... I know there's more stuff than this, but my brain is blanking.

More when I come up with it.


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