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Message no. 1
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Money
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:07:17 +0100
OK, some of you may feel a little "warm" concerning the recent Abbadon

For those few characters with the ability to hack into a major
international bank, the amount will be verified by their records, no the
teller isn't open to blackmail - unfortunately he died of a heart attack
36 hours later. The bank does not at this time know of the transaction,
it has been hidden in a series of international transfers.

Yes, there is a considerable fortune in that account, I don't ever
expect anyone to collect it, but it's there. The money has come from a
a variety of sources, including the sale of CoT assets and buildings
when they moved the operation out. Some funding has come from private
individuals who consider Jason a threat. So, all told, there's a great
deal of money available to an enterprising person with a gun. The
verification process will take approximately 48 hours to assure the
holder of the account details that Jason is dead, so any scam you guys
might come up with had better be pretty damned secure.

Lynch has, as you all know been a thorn in the side of several people
for a considerable time - they do not believe that he can be left to
continue being a thorn, and are prepared to take fairly drastic measures
to have the irritant removed.

This is _not_ a concerted effort by myself to have Lynch removed from
the list - I would probably find a bunch of squaddies assailing my home
looking for a butt to kick if I even tried, but it is an attempt to
achieve something, something that will be made plain as time goes on.
If however, Paul feels like donating Jason to the morgue, that's
completely up to him. <g>

I believe that powerful men, who feel threatened by something take a
variety of measures to assure their safety, and the donation of a
generous bounty on someone's head is not beyond belief, some prefer more
violent methods, some prefer to buy what they can't fool, others prefer
to obliterate large areas of land to ensure success, others prefer to
utterly destroy the family, background and reputation of an opponent.
Jason is a pain in the arse, and they want him gone - no matter how it's

For those of you with major characters who are getting involved in this,
I have a four week timeline for the operation, so for the next month,
things will get warmer and warmer on the streets of Seattle, this would
probably be noticed by more than just major characters, less, erm,
experienced characters might find things a tad harder than before.

If any of you have something you want your characters to achieve, or if
you have something you want tagged to CoT - such as the Haven bus
attack, then let me know off list with your ideas, and we'll see what
can be done.


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