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Message no. 1
From: SCN User <bd042@***.ORG>
Subject: MUSIC: the Boys are Back in Town...
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 03:00:06 -0800
"...two years ago a crack commando team was put in prison
for a crime they didn't commit. They escaped, and today
work as shadowrunners for hire. If you have a problem,
If you're desperate enough, adn, if you can find them,
then maybe, you can hire:

The B-TEAM."
--with apologies to Aaron Spelling

Okay, I've got my net connection back, and this time it's personal
I'll be reintroducing some of my old characters over the next few
weeks, hopefully in the same gradually-unfolding method that
marked Kieth Giffen's "Five Years Later" take in the second LSH
series...but first, I wanted to make sure I won't be stepping on
anyone's big-major-just-about-to-hit-the-fan-climax.

Oh, and for those who know 'em, any suggestions on how the kids
turned out?

StefHahn (bd042@***.org)
"The Difficult we do today; the Impossible is over in R&D"

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