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Message no. 1
Subject: Ok, a new proposal or two based on recent feedback...
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1993 23:49:30 -0400
I came up with a couple of new ideas based on what I read in ShadowTech and
ways that this might work.

In an attempt to help you understand how I interpret the ShadowTech nanite
stuff, here are the actual passages for those of you without it handy:

"The integration of man and machine occurs on a very intimate and delicate
level, one far more subtle than a surgeon with a scalpel could hope to achieve.
It's true that a surgeon can position the cyber components within the body, but
the job of actually linking the cybernetic device to the human/metahuman
nervous system is left to genetically engineered microsurgical units called
Nanites are small, single...[description of what nanites are deleted]
-- appears on page 39--

Now, this can be interpreted two ways: that the surgeon places the macro-
components in the body with the nanites just connecting them together and to
the body, or that nanites do the whole thing without a surgeon's scalpel ever
touching the person's body. Based off the elective surgery of implantation
wound cost(drastic invasive surgery of over .99 essence, etc), I am inclined
to believe the first one.

So here's the first of three ideas: Basically, the same nanite stuff that was
mentioned before, but _just for cyberware_, not relating to anything else. If
it is cut down, it may still be do-able. This would create Alpha/Beta grades
of the S-Tech cyberware, specifically any neural ware(including C^2 too), and
create gamma/whatever-Greek-letter-you-want-to-give-it grade "normal" cyber.
Personally, I skipped a large number of letters in my old campaign and went
from Gamma to Omega because I like the word "omega."

Idea No. 2: Instead of reducing essence cost a lot, this form of cyber has a
different advantage. It is beta or gamma grade, but it has the ability to
self-repair itself. Using a form of modified nanites similar to Symbiotes with
effects on the body similar to them too(eating a lot and stuff), the nanites
are designed to find any damaged circuits/cyberware and repair them. Corp A
develops it, it leaks somehow, and the corps scrable to grab it.

Idea No. 3: Either idea above varient: Corp A wants to screw over Corp B for
whatever reason, and/or a group of runners who did something to them, making
them an example to the rest of the world(Hmmm, gears grinding). Runners get
hired, etc... The hitch is that the stuff never really existed, except perhaps
the self-repair or whatever. It was all a scam or something.

The above ideas are what I am looking for. I don't want this to die, at least
not yet, so please tell me what you think about these, and offer up more
variations of you own.


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