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Message no. 1
From: Mike Goldberg <m_goldberg@**.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: On towards fixin' encryptions...
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 22:44:50 MST
I hate to break it to ya Rob, if there was an easy solution to this, we would
have already put it into effect....

On the serious side, we probably should answer this small question first, how
much is the info we are trying to protect vulnerable if posted sans encryption.
I would like to think that only a few corps and government organizations have
connections here, but let's be serious...

Off hand, I can think of the following. We got someone frienldy toward:
Prince Solarial, Nightmare & Hammer (yes one of these years I will put them in
the cast listing) for BIS in Germany, Ganz, Director Louis for France,
Commander Drake for Interpol. In non-governmental roles:
The supporting decker for ares (no offense, I forgot who it was...
silverflame??), a supporting runner for Saedar-Krupp, and I'm sure there are
others out there....

Now, why am I mentioning this... well as I see it, part of our problem stems
from people being paranoid that their messages are meant to keep us informed
of the story, yet realistically happen only behind the scenesa and don't the
opposition, like say Ares, to find out what is going on.

Unfortunately I don't see an easy way to change this. I would say only encrypt
if you need to prevent people from finding out crucial info about past, or
about the job at hand, if there is reason to assume that otherwise it will leak
to the opposition. Otherwise, we runners on the node, should be insurance
enough to make sure that the info handed out isn't used negatively.

Again, to if the encrypt is one you want to break... then ask the author(s)

What do people think?

P.S. Don't really know how the hell Rob and Doctor Doom would enforce that, for
the record...

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