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Message no. 1
From: SCN User <bd042@***.ORG>
Subject: Places, everybody...Places...
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:44:46 -0800
My dear fellow Shadowfolk,

1. Would someone PLEASE provide me with a copy of the cast list,
as there are going to be some changes in my entries.

2. Would Spirit, Crush, & Co. like to assist a knight on his
quest, requiring a little street-level legwork?

3. Would anyone like to volunteer one of their Physical Adept
characters to have life become very confusing for? I'm fresh
outa PhysAds at the moment. (too bad PH isn't still around...)

4. Is any more going to be said re: the arcology anytime soon?
Was that merely a convenient location for brandon lowe's death, or
is there something more about it Gryphon should be involved in?

5. Would anyone playing a particularly zenlike character like
to help me on an astral quest, after #2, above?

Thanks for your help. All this will eventually come together,
I promise.
--StefHahn (bd042@***.org)

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