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From: Justun Gilead <madmonk@****.CSUCHICO.EDU>
Subject: Re: Plot threads (dante' and rasputin)...Re:wyrm
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 19:25:06 -0700
According to The Dead Wyrm:
>The idea about having Ice and Dante attempting to off each other does sound
>fun, but there are a few holes in the proposition.
> 1. It is possilbe, though not likely, that Ice's uncle knows of
> Dante's 'position' with AZ; the information is collected,
> collated, and utilized primarily within Security. The info
> is shared with the Aztlan Special Forces and various intelligence
> bureaus, for efficiency in executing the necessary commands.
> 2. The Aztec elimination of 'trouble spots' is a purely internal
> proposition -- no subcontracting. The people who fulfill these
> 'contracts' are loyal Aztlan agents, who know exactly what they're
> getting into, exactly how much needs to be done, and exactly
> what this means to Aztlan.
> 3. Ice may very well be on AZ's list of 'trouble spots'. Which means
> that....
> 4. If they _did_ hire Ice to take down Dante, it's a fair bet that
> they would have one of their own -- perhaps Macros, for he's one
> of their best doubletap specialsts -- in the wings, with a bullet
> waiting to make sure of the 'death'. Or, maybe, to ensure that
> they BOTH went down. And I don't think you want Ice out of the
> way, yet.
>Of course, if you DO want Ice dead, I'd be willing to have Macros be the
>one to put a bullet into her eye from 350 meters or more....
>The (Dead) Wyrm of the .Net

Ice is still loyal to the "Co.", just hates "Uncle" is all...

And ice is on "uncles list of 'trouble spots'", not aztechs (although that
area is a bit grey with his position in the Co and all *laugh*)...

And i wasn't offering to "Hunt" down dante', just offering a way to get into
the story line somehow *shrug*

As for macros...There is more than one way to stop the first sniper bullet
(as i am sure you well know *grin*), if one knows how...

Anyway, enough postturing...

Hope to run with you sometime...

Justun Gilead...The MadMonk...

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