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Message no. 1
From: Sebastian Hamann <5hamann@**********.UNI-HAMBURG.DE>
Subject: Problems (was Re: Easy (Re: Paraanimals) (fwd))
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 23:12:00 +0100
Hello everybody,

At 14:02 27.02.98 -0800, you Mark:
>If I had a nickel for everyone with MIME problems with their email... \/#
>>>>>>>[Yeah Easy, you=B4re right. Maybe we should help them
>>asshole, just to let them catch up their breath.


>Whatever is munching your apostrophes, please kill it and try to have your
>message sent as a normal text document instead of a MIME message.

I´ll try hard, I´m a little bit surprised, cause I used the same method =
May I send you some messages privately, just to sort this out ??

Or, well I try this: ´ ` '

Which one comes through clear ??

Sorry again...


Ps: As far as I can see my mails are set to quoted-printable.
I´m using Eudora 4.0

Any Help ??
"Das ist kein Mond..." - L. Skywalker
Message no. 2
From: Avenger <Avenger@*******.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Problems (was Re: Easy (Re: Paraanimals) (fwd))
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 00:15:25 +0000
In article <Version.32.19980301230257.00f87c90@*******.informatik.uni->, Sebastian Hamann <5hamann@**********.UNI-HAMBURG.DE>
waffled & burbled about Problems (was Re: Easy (Re: Paraanimals) (fwd))

>I'll try hard, I'm a little bit surprised, cause I used the same method
>as ever.

>Which one comes through clear ??

All look fine to me. But... In returning the mail to PoltD, my mailer
claims that the characters may not travel through all transports

Question, what font base are you using for Eudora? Occassionally using
a proportionally space font like Arial etc, can throw problems. If
you're using a monospaced like ie Courier then kindly ignore me.

Just a thought.


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