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Message no. 1
From: "Brian E. Angliss" <ANGLISS@******.BITNET>
Subject: Rob's plot synopsis
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 12:24:09 -0500
This is a rough plot synopsis of what's been going on with Maxim recently, os
if you already know it, feel free to ignore this.

Just after Dante's demise, the Big 8 petitioned the Corp Court for an Omega
Order against Maxim Arms, using the reason that Maxim's intelligence assets
were potentially destabilizing to the current status quo. This reference to
Maxim in fact refered to the The Orginization, the shadow group that grew up
after Mil Tech was destroyed a year ago. Basically, Mil Tech died and the
people who worked for them in various places, mostly deep cover agents and the
people who operated the agents, were transfered from a semi-legal corporate
employer to a shadow employer.

Maxim ties in with The Org by the fact that Maxim is the corp that sheilded
The Org and laundered the money, etc. However, until recently the two were
kept totally separate to the point that even Maxim had to pay the same rates
that anyone else did in order to get access to The Org's information, of which
there was LOTS.

Then the Desert Wars thing with Aztechnology happened, when a rinky dink AA
megacorp actually inflicted heavier casualties on a AAA corps forces than they
recieved. After this happened, a whole bunch of things started happening
between the Big 8 and Maxim, the most important being that Maxim was able to
stop ALL physical penetration teams, even the really nasty special forces ones
that would qualify as Military assets. They did this through unrestricted use,
against thier own charter and on the initiative of the second in command of
Corporate Security, Nicole Velli, of Org agents. These agents, of which there
were about 40000 worldwide, some 3000 per AAA corp and in all levels of the
target corps, were able to get the information from thier bosses or were the
ones arranging the raids in the first place, so they just told Maxim what to
expect and Maxim shut them down. Obviously, unrestricted use of such assets
will put them at risk, and this happened.

However, before this happened, Velli killed her boss, Collussus, by hiring a
professional assassin, thus becomming the VP of Corporate Security for Maxim
and next in line for the Presidency if something happened to Moriarity. Using
her position here, Velli started the process of manipulating Moriarity into
doing exactly what she wanted him to do, and just watched as the Big 8 slowly
came to the correct conclusion that Maxim controled an intelligence asset that
beat the bloody heck out of anything they had. And logically, this meant that
if Maxim used it to its full potential, they could be eventually destroyed
from within. Thus the Omega Order request.

From a single agent in the Corp Court, Velli heard of the request and told her
boss, Moriarity, and using the original Security Protocols involving both Maxim
and The Org, forced him to elevate the security status of Maxim and The Org
to the point that both were ready to go to full combat alert on about 10
minutes notice. The mobilization of these forces was kept buried long enough
for Velli to arrange a meeting with the Presidents of all the Big 8 in
Switzerland and to lay out the way things were. Specifically, that if they
were not to retract the Omega Order immediately, contingent on her following
through with her promise to deliver The Org to them on a platter, then she
would use all the assets at her disposal to start Corp War. Maxim, being
fully prepared and having agents ready to foment total chaos from within, would
survive long enough that they would take the rest of the Big 8 with them when
they died. Velli used the raids on the BIS and Interpol to show the Big 8
that she was capable of doing what she said she was and to remove the only
proof that there was a connection between Maxim and The Org. The impressive
show of force she demonstrated, among other things, convinced the Big 8 to
conditionally withdraw the request.

Immediately after the meeting, the Big 8 began gearing up thier forces to
severly punish Maxim if Velli didn't come through with her promise, and thus
all the recent posts regarding military buildup in Ares, etc. When Velli
delivered lists of The Org's agents to the Big 8, they began wholesale purges
of the affected individuals and stood down their forces.

Currently, Velli has assumed the Presidency of Maxim Arms after getting
Moriarity to sign over his 51% of the company to her and then kiPewwilling him.
I expect that the current relations between Maxim and the Big 8 will be
strained at best, but that the Big 8, knowing that there is NO WAY that Velli
would have given them all her agents and destroy her position totally, will
quietly be searching their employees for deep cover agents just like they would
if they suspected another AAA corp to have performed the infiltration and they
will be looking to destroy Maxim in the same way they look to destroy each
other--economically and with shadowruns. And naturally, Maxim is looking to
do the same to them.

That's the synopsis from beginning to end, and where things stand now. Does
that clear it up?


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