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Message no. 1
From: Tim Skirvin <tskirvin@***.UIUC.EDU>
Subject: The Admin Announcement
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 15:50:30 -0500
> All plotlines or references to Chicago that include the events of
> Double Exposure or Burning Bright are to cease immediately. As I
> said in a prior

Having never read either of the adventures, I cannot comment on them.

All I know is that I'm posting stuff about Chicago, that has already
happened in the game world. The dates are set. Tom Dowd said so. We're
following the FAQ...follow the game world completely.

Personally, I WOULD have liked more warning on what was going to
happen in Chicago, yes. It would have been interesting if Tom Dowd had
actually sent off a message to the list, on the correct day, saying what
happened. But he didn't. And we're all in bad shape now.

In the mean time, I do find this whole thing very silly. Things are
going to happen in the gameworld that we don't know about...but we have to
allow them to happen if we're going to remain faithful to the game. Think
of it this way...noone else in the world knew it was coming either. None
of us are really GM'ing this. We're all players. Tom Dowd's the (remote) GM.

So, I want my plot to continue.

Tim Skirvin | "They didn't die for nothing, they died to bring
tskirvin@***| us Pepsi!" -- Mr Sutton on "Glory"

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