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Message no. 1
From: Geoffrey Gerrietts <Siothrun@***.COM>
Subject: Tir Background
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 1994 05:41:25 -0500
Well, despite the fact that my decker/mage team have relocated, they were
raised in the Tir, and were in families which had close ties to both each
other and Sean Laverty (*before* I read Secrets of Power, I swear!), so I
must imagine that the circles they brushed edges with -however briefly-
before their flight from said elven nation would have had some contact with
them. So I imagine that people he would know would know people who knew of
them (no rep to speak of, other than a *big* datasteal at a university), and
they would probably know of him.

So keep me informed as to the "side" of Tir politics you were on -- they may
be inclined to fear you and/or be awestricken by your presence.

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