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Message no. 1
From: J Gavigan <csc086@*****.LANCS.AC.UK>
Subject: To: Scott; Re: Dry Land...
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 01:45:38 +0100
> Again it was from a Larp, I guess I'm getting bad vibes. Let me read some
> more befor I kill it.

Hey, I'd be the last one to bust you down for coming up with an idea that was
less than perfect... It's a cool idea - I'm just nitpicking over the technical
It makes sense that corps would want to get together to develop a heavy-lift
space transportation system, with it's own, permanent base together...
It's just that _I_ think that if such a thing were to be built in the North Sea,
they'd probably dredge up a pile of the mud that's there, sink concrete piles
into it, and built the actual launch pad on the resulting island. The control
centre, etc. could be on a floating platform, though...

Jackin' out...


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