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From: "Thomas W. Craig" <CRAIGTW1@******.JUNIATA.EDU>
Subject: Wyrm and Solarial
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 21:24:19 -0400
don't forget Buzz, MY decker. What I posted to the net is true,
except for the bit about saving the world from the Schism in the UCAS CIA,
he happens to be working on it right now in the game I'm running him in.
I know people don't want to hear stats, but I'll tell you 2 of his skills in
game terms. English 12, Comp.(decking) 10. Plus he can hold his own OUTSIDE
the Matrix. Oh, and by the way those are his original skill scores. I
haven't changed them from when I started running him. :)
He has time and money. :) He also designed HIS C^2 deck. I'm actually having
him, his brother and sister, as well as the rest of my team: Shadow,
Bloodtooth, and Dragon come waltzing into the Tir. C'est la vie.
Buzz will try tracing Solarial, because Buzz doesn't want a shadow war.
Something else i forgot to mention...I have Gabriel Solarion, Gwailin
Arthedain, and Dr. Veggie Table in the Tir already...They are all of Ducal
Rank, although i'm thinking about having Gabriel promoted to Royal rank.
Since he is a performer (Rocker to be exact.).
Tom Craig


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