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From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: Re: better
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 22:38:04 GMT
>Dan's top ten for what we will do
I still think Dave's list was funnier.

> 10. hit ganz
> 9. protect worm
> 8. hit Nox
> 7. Hit solarial
> 6. Hit Etsy
> 5. help Seattle secede from UCAS
> 4. Hit everybody
> 3. my personal favorite - hit the new Super stuffer shack now
> opening in Portland.
> 2. none of the above
> 1. all of the above (including none of the above)

Gee Dan, that's only a 50% hit rate. Get a smartgun link and up it to
84 and 2/3% chance!

And no, I didn't think you were going sane. You were babbling about
TOAST for crying out loud. . .

J Roberson


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