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From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: All Deckers (Solarial)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 15:02:00 PDT
OK, heres a big one.

Wyrm, NodeFairie, BoneJacker, Solitaire, any other decker looking at Prince
Solarial's background.

Solarial has a brother and a sister. They fled the Tir. Why ? Here's the
reason. Both the brother and sister are older than Solarial, both were
designated in the House Solarial Lineage Schedule as being before Solarial
(Linaus - the current prince solarial) in line to inherit the title. Confirmed
reports have it that Linaus threatened to use his magical power to kill or make
insane his brother and sister if they tried to ascend to the Solarial title.
When he ascended to the title they fled worrying that he would kill them anyway
s to tie up loose strings. Where they are now is a mystery.
Furthermore, the Tir Royal Data banks have further info on House Solarial.
seems that both Linaus' brother and sister had a DNA scan. Both were proved to
be 97% matching of their father - undoubted offspring of House Solarial. Linaus
' refused the test several times. Then took it right before his Ascension -----
it came out 80% matching (the report says that undoubtably at least one parent
was a Solarial most likely the father) but interestingly enough as they were
running the DNA scan through the databases it matched 92% with another persons.
Thats right, you guessed it, The (Dead) Wyrm Ourobourous is a relative of
Linaus Solarial's, AND Thw Wyrm is older too. Making it a possibility that he
would be in line for the Solarial title before Linaus.

There you go, a major piece of background on Prince Linaus Solarial.

It shouldn't come out at once. Very slowly in fact.


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