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From: Dave The Shade <IZZYUX2@*******.BITNET>
Subject: Deckers-another try
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:21:00 PDT
For the last "All Deckers" post I apologize. It was a false start, BUT this
post should be OK.

As I said before, the current Prince Solarial is called Linaus, he is the
youngest of three children of the line. A search of Tir Secret Police Data
banks reveals that both his sibling were closer to inheriting the title than
him (This according to the official House Solarial Lineage Schedule). Some-
how he managed to make sure that none of the other siblings inherited the title
(probably using threat of his magical power or his underworld connections)
after he ascended/progressed and recieved the Solarial title his sibling dis-
appeared (probably fleeing Linaus). DNA scan reveals that although both of the
other children were 95% Solarial bloodline, Linaus was only 80%. Thus confirmin
g what most people already knew about Solarial ---- he really is a bastard (
Although he seems to have inherited his genes from his father - making him at
least a legitimate titleholder -- mother married into the family). Now Prince
Solarial is going through the Prime Candidacy, which is a testing/evaluating
process that determines fitness for the honor of taking that final step to
power the Last Rite of Progression to a Seat on the Princes Council.
Prince Solarial is afraid that Wyrm will somehow find one of his siblings to
challenge his credibility as a Prince or his inheritance of the Solarial House,
or just use the knowledge of his "mixed" parentage to wage a smear campain,
thus making him fail the Prime Candidacy test.

There you go, Remember this should come out very slowly.


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