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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Brian Angliss <ANGLISS@****.PSU.EDU>
Subject: Ok, here's a twist...
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1993 01:00:23 -0400
For all of you involved in the Solarial deal, I hope you read the blip from
The Baron on the "in-calling" of people. Well, the Baron is a Free Loa
accessing the Matrix with the help of a burn-out houngan that's gone decker
and is permitting Micheal S. Baron to possess him for just that purpose. Well,
Solarial and the Wyrm don't know this, but Diana is about to get help(well, I
guess they know it now... :) ) from her group(yes, a Red Sect dedicated to the
destruction of Boko and evil, and in most cases undead too) and a Free Spirit
who was conjured up by her not too long ago just before the AJ rescue and
thinks she's the coolest "flesh ting" alive. So, let's see what happens, shall
we? The details are to be hashed out soon, if you don't mind. They plan on
performing the necessary ritual soon(like over the weekend).


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