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From: The Powerhouse <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: help!
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 18:07:13 GMT
> Help! Does anyone know a "nice" corp in the renraku arcology I could use
> upcoming plotline?

I was under the impression that Renraku owned all the shops in it's mall one
way or another. If there was a big demand for something like 'Macdonalds'
(heaven forbid) then it would probably be run on franchise from Macs by Renraku

As for another corp, no other corps exist in the Renraku arcology, it's
Renraku's offices, living habitat for it's employees and mall. There are other
services it provides such as having the mono rail go right through it and having
several heli-pads for those short distant hops.

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