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From: Jim Tyler <pherble@*****.COM>
Subject: Re: An update Lord Dorian
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 22:04:34 MDT
> Ok, what do you want? I can do almost anything with this. I have an evil mind
> from time to time, although most would call it closer to the sick than the
> evil on a continum, but do you have anything specific in mind.

Well, we can do a lot with this. Did Journey actually do it? What if
some other group (Diana Eithne? Etsy? Nox?) did it to get Dorian to act.
And will Dorian even believe Eclipse? Maybe Eclipse took out the other
Corsairs in a power play. Let's just work with it, and see how we react
to each other's moves.

> Also, I sent out a post regarding Punch. I don't want to have Journey as an
> enemy, as he knows where Central is(Boulder and such). Besides, AJ isn't
> really as bad as everyone seems to think he is. He really just wants to live
> his old life of a headware surgeon in a Seattle shadow clinic that Slash set
> up for him, and he can't do that! AARGH!
> Sorry... Not your fault...
> Brian

Actually, I just don't think that runners (mine or any other's) would just
fall into line on one side or the other. So maybe a little more wariness
and respect is in order. I mean it's life in the shadows, and sometimes
those you worked with before become antagonists later. And who knows,
maybe Prince S. may be an ally eventually. It just seemed to me that each
character has to remain true to himself. Would Valentine approve of all
of Jackson's actions? Journey won't leave AJ out in the cold, but I don't
think he'd just turn a blind eye to whatever happens.

Maybe he'll come to Wyrm's aid if the situation requires. We'll see...

Jim Tyler


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